Murphy bows to NJEA, lets schools begin 100% remote for fall semester

By Matt Rooney

In case you had any doubt as to where the real power in Trenton continues to reside, Save Jerseyans, this morning’s big New Jersey headline should put it to rest.

On Wednesday morning, CBS This Morning reported that the Murphy Administration says it “will announce a plan later today to facilitate remote learning as an option.” Schools will need to hit certain specified critera – probably technology-related – to go remote. This reversal of sorts comes as the politically potent teachers union stepped up pressure to demand remote learning in the fall. Murphy had previously said the plan would be to have in-person learning (with masks) unless and until his ever-creative “data” dictated otherwise. Now, it seems, the plan is to at least begin the year with students at home…

The NJEA isn’t only a Murphy ally; two years ago, the union donated $2.5 million to a pro-Murphy “dark money” organization.

That kind of cash buys results. Just so we’re clear: the NJEA made its demand public on Tuesday evening and then Phil Murphy changed his mind in less than 24 12 hours