Freehold Superintendent mocks Murphy’s school announcement: “Chaos”

TRENTON, N.J. – Among those who found Governor Murphy’s Wednesday remote learning decision more than a little annoying was Charles Sampson, superintendent of the Freehold Regional High School District.

“Dont know what to make of @GovMurphy press conference: There is an attestation that legal counsel has advised most superintendents NOT to sign. Remote was never an option,” complained Sampson. “To pretend it was is disingenuous. What certification? Its Aug 12. If you want remote call it-This is chaos.”

Sampson made his point on Twitter:

Sampson certainly has a point.

Before today’s news, most of New Jersey’s approximately 600 school districts had opted for a hybrid schedule. The Murphy Administration’s policy was to plan for in-person instruction… with masks and other adjustments.

This new NJEA-motivated twist creates confusion and a lot of hurdles, too. For example, the “certification” referenced by the super is a new Murphy Administration prerequisite for in-person instruction. The certification process is only one item on a new long list (click here) dropped today by the Administration. How can schools be expected to comply with only days left to go before teachers report and orientations begin?

Murphy is trying to have it both ways: appease the NJEA and pissed off parents.

He may have finally pushed his political luck a bit too far. We’ll see.