Murphy is annoyed that you’re not helping his contact tracers

TRENTON, N.J. – Governor Phil Murphy used his daily Friday COVID-19 briefing to chastisize New Jerseyans for not cooperating with contact tracers.

“No one is out on a witch hunt,” Murphy complained. “No one is asking questions that have any focus other than trying to stop the spread of this virus.”

The Murphy Administration launched a contract tracing dashboard to undersore its point.

According to Murphy, “[f]orty-five percent of those who have tested positive for coronavirus and answered the call refused to provide any contact information to our contact tracers.”

Overall, less than two-thirds of those contacted by tracers responded to the call.

States’ efforts to expand contact tracing is running into criticism as to the constitutionality of the programs, specifically whether this type of government surveillance would survive a Fourth Amendment challenge.