Murphy accused of trading Planned Parenthood subsidies for DGA donations

TRENTON, N.J. – At the very least, Save Jerseyans? It looks bad. Very bad.

On Friday, NJ Advanced Media reported that Governor Murphy coninues to rake in cash for the Democrat Governors Association (DGA), the national group responsible for helping elect Democrats governors. Murphy presently serves as chairman of the organization. Of the $18.6 million Murphy raised through June 30th, a whopping $100,000 came from abortion provider giant Planned Parenthood.

New Jersey Right to Life (NJRTL) – the state’s leading pro life organization – is demanding an investigation into the donation by both the IRS and DOJ.

The reason for the requested inquiry: Planned Parenthood recently received millions in taxpayer subsidies from the state of New Jersey.

“On June 30, NJ Governor Phil Murphy Signed a Supplemental Appropriation Bill (A3/S20) which allocated $3.814 Million for Planned Parenthood,” said Marie Tasey, executive director of NJTRL in a press release. “Governor Murphy and the Democrat-controlled Legislature previously allocated $20 Million this year to the abortion lobbying group and Governor Murphy planned to allocate another $20 million in the FY 2021 budget to the abortion business.  It should be noted that these taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood are allocated without voter approval.  Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the nation. They are also a private, non-profit, political organization that financially supports the Governor and many members of the current party in power at election time.”

“Now, with this new revelation, it appears that there may also be a quid pro quo arrangement with Planned Parenthood to funnel some of the taxpayer money back to Murphy’s DGA which should, at the very least, warrant an investigation by federal and state authorities,” Tasey added.

While the donations may be legal, the process – whereby major politically-active donors receive subsidies – is in of itself a sign of the sort of institutional corruption which plagues the American campaign finance system.

Planned Parenthood has long had a brazenly-interdependent financial relationship with Democrat elected officials.

For 2020, the organization previously announced plans to spend $45 million on elections casting doubt on whether the organization actually needs the subsidies. Planned Parenthood pocketed $564 million in state and federal government “grants” and reimbursements in 2017 alone.