NJ-03: Trump aims to give Richter a fundraising boost via Twitter

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump tweeted his support of South Jersey House candidate David Richter on Tuesday, calling the first-time candidate someone who can be trusted to “protect our seniors and healthcare.” Trump also shared a link to donate to the Republican candidate’s campaign.

Healthcare provided a decisive issue in the district’s razor-close 2018 battle when then-challenger Andy Kim narrowly defeated Republican Tom MacArthur, a champion of the GOP’s early Trump term health care reform push.

Richter is personally wealthy and has loaned his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, Kim is on track to raise over $6 million since taking office in January 2019. National Republicans have yet to commit to NJ-03 the same level of attention that they’ve affored to NJ-07 where Tom Kean Jr. is taking on Kim’s fellow freshman Democrat Tom Malinowski…