Persichilli (accidentally) admits Murphy Administration is making this up as it goes along

Persichilli (accidentally) admits Murphy Administration is making this up as it goes along

By Matt Rooney

The woman who needs an introduction Judy Persichelli was back in the news today, Save Jerseyans, and if you’ve been following the Murphy Administration’s handling of COVID-19, then you probably felt like your head exploded at one point during Monday’s committee testimony.

At one point, Persichilli (the state’s health commissioner) told Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (R-Monmouth that the Administration was relying upon “about ten different things we look at to inform decision making.” 

Ten things?

Really? Since when?

For months now, Governor Murphy has told us they’ve been looking at THREE variables: the effective reproduction number (Rt), the “spot positivity” rate, and new hospitalizations.

And most importantly, what are they? DiMaso said she wants an actual list but, as of now, it hasn’t materialized. We’ll see.

For now we can only guess.

The temperature-humidity index? Biden polls? A Ouija board?

Keep in mind: this inquiry is important because these criteria – real and alleged – are what Murphy Inc. says it relies upon to decide its lockdown rules. We’re now in month seven of the “health emergency” declared by the Governor back in March. We’re still more locked down than any other state in America at the moment. Knowing “why” is important! Even if you’re a Karen who drives around wearing a mask by yourself in your car. The rest of us know it’s all arbitrary, of course, but it’s both validating and horrifying to hear the health commish admit it… albeit accidentally.

Stay tuned.