UPDATE: The mystery of Murphy’s lockdown criteria continues

By Matt Rooney

Why are Garden State restaurants still stuck at 25% capacity with cold weather upon us? Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso and her Republican colleagues tried to get to the bottom of things after a September 14th Assembly budget committee meeting. In case you forgot, the woman-who-needs-an-introdution Judy Persichilli (New Jersey’s health commissioner) told DiMaso that the Murphy Administration has about “about ten different things” it considers “to inform decision making.” 

We didn’t find out what they were. They originally identified three criteria. Suddenly there were… 10?

Here’s an update hot off of the presses:

The Assembly Budget Committee received a 50-page document from the Department of Health (DOH) on Monday with answers to the committee’s questions.

Guess which answer can’t be found on any of the 50 pages?

DiMaso confirmed for me that DOH didn’t identify the other seven mystery criteria so she’s going to ask again. We’ll let you know if the answer ever materializes…