NJ-02: Amy Kennedy accepted thousands of dollars from anti-police groups

PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. – Amy Kennedy’s website urges supporters to “fight for South Jersey” but, over the summer, Kennedy told fellow Democrats that “there’s a lot of merit” to the Defund the Police movement.

Fellow Defund the Police supporters have rewarded her with campaign cash.

With Election Day closing in, FEC records show that Kennedy has accepted:

$5,000 from MoveOn.org. An organization ironically started in the 90s to push back against Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the far-Left group currently advocates “that … local government defund the police, that payments to family members come from police pensions.”

$3,000 from Planned Parenthood Action. The abortion giant “stands with the Movement for Black Lives’ call to defund the police.

$1,000 from NARAL. A radical feminist group, NARAL openly “supports the demands of the Movement for Black Lives, including defunding the police.

In the unfortunate event that Amy Kennedy unseats Jeff Van Drew in NJ-02 this year, will she really “fight for South Jersey”? Or her allies’ radical agenda?

You know the answer. Follow the money, Save Jerseyans.