REMOTE IN NAME ONLY? Ballot drop box line forms at Monmouth’s Board of Elections office

By Matt Rooney

Phil Murphy’s insistance upon a remote November election runs contrary to just about everything we know about COVID-19, Save Jerseyans. More galling still,examples of arguably equally or MORE dangerous things continue to pile up which the Democrat Governor isn’t fussed over. Because politics.

Next up: long lines at ballot drop off locations?

“Another Murphy debacle… you can’t stand in line to vote in person on a machine but you can stand in line to drop of mandated vote by mail ballots,” tweeted Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso on Monday afternoon, sharing photos of the Monmouth County Board of Elections located in Freeholder. “And ballots only just came, imagine what next week will bring? NJ deserves better.”

There are dozens of drop box locations across the state but, naturally, the total number is tiny in comparison to the ordinary number of polling locations in a non-pandemic cycle. We’ll keep an eye out to see if more lines form in the coming days; if so, it’s further confirmation of how counter-productive these measures are.

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