Morris superintendent blames parents for going all-remote

Morris superintendent blames parents for going all-remote

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – A local superintendent is blaming parents for his decision to take the district to all-remote learning into the new year.

“Some parents are not following quarantine restrictions for their children, not informing the school when children or family members have been exposed or have tested positive for COVID-19, or sending children to school even when they are symptomatic; health and school officials fear that such instances of noncompliance will continue, needlessly exposing hundreds of students, staff, and families to the coronavirus,” Morris School District Superintendent Mackey Pendergrast claimed in a letter shared on the district’s website.

Setting Pendergrast’s condescending letter aside, there’s no science to support the proposition that schools are incubators for the virus’s spread. He admits as much in the same letter.

“We know that coronavirus transmission is not occurring within our school buildings but rather through activities outside of school within people’s homes and out in the community,” the super added, urging parents to avoid things like “play dates” which he says help spread the novel coronavirus.

The Morris district covers three Morris County municipalities: Morristown, Morris Township, and Morris Plains high school students.