Murphy gets biblical, says Jesus commands you to get vaccinated!

Murphy gets biblical, says Jesus commands you to get vaccinated!

I’m no anti-vaxxer, Save Jerseyans, but Governor Murphy’s latest argument in favor of getting one of the COVID-19 vaccines will ring a bit hallow to anyone who’s familiar with him.

“In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus commands us to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’” Murphy tweeted on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of his initial public health emergency order. “There is no greater manifestation of this commandment than to roll up your sleeve when it’s your turn. By taking the vaccine, we’re keeping ourselves and our communities safe. That is love.”

Here’s the full thread (and keep in mind: this is the same guy who told us on Monday he doesn’t do photo ops):

I know what you’re thinking: that’s an interesting interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew.

Yours truly attended twelve years of Catholic school and can’t remember hearing reading anything resembling the Gospel of Phil.

So yeah, there’s so much to be said about all of this (starting with Murphy’s radical abortion record and thousands of dead nursing home residents), but rather than cover old territory, I think it’s worth checking out a brand new piece over at The Atlantic titled “Politics is the New Religion.”

“Unfortunately, the various strains of wokeism on the left and Trumpism on the right cannot truly fill the spiritual void—what the journalist Murtaza Hussain calls America’s ‘God-shaped hole,'” wrote Shadi Hamid. Religion, in part, is about distancing yourself from the temporal world, with all its imperfection. At its best, religion confers relief by withholding final judgments until another time—perhaps until eternity. The new secular religions unleash dissatisfaction not toward the possibilities of divine grace or justice but toward one’s fellow citizens, who become embodiments of sin—’deplorables’ or ‘enemies of the state.’”

Someone really needs to forward a copy of the article to Father Phil.