Celebrating moms, motherhood and the gender binary

Celebrating moms, motherhood and the gender binary

Today is once again Mother’s Day, Save Jerseyans, and we acknowledge both the moms in our lives AND the value of the gender binary. You might not find a Hallmark card that puts it quite that way but there should be one! It’s that important. 

Only a woman can be a mom. Anyone who has had a wonderful mom in their life – either directly or indirectly, maybe as a mentor or friend – knows that good moms are irreplaceable.

Can a child be raised successfully by two dads? Or a single dad? And can two opposite sex parents do an exceptionally shitty job? Of course; there are few absolutes where humans are concerned. Humans are absolute only in their imperfection.

None of that invalidates the immutable truth that moms bring things to the table that non-moms simply do not as a rule. A number of people on the planet can serve as parents or guardians. Motherhood is a fixed membership club. 

The science is compelling (and we all know how our friends on the Left feel about “science”). For example, women’s brains continue to “remodel” up until two years after birth. They become more empathetic and attunded to their child’s needs because nature designed it that way. Cultural revolutions can’t trump human evolution.

One of the great political curiosities of our time, at least in my view, is how self-described liberal “feminists” are aiding and abetting the systematic destruction of the institution that more than any other proves that women have an instinsic advantage over men in the shaping of generations and, in so doing, the course of human civilization. 

Put more simply: how can you be a real feminist if you’re not able to acknowledge the majesty of motherhood? 

So if you celebrate moms, Save Jerseyans, you need to celebrate the institution, too, and defend it from those who’d like you to believe it’s expendible.