Bramnick hangs with Murphy at a maskless backyard comedy gathering

Phil Murphy is responsible for (at least) 8,000 nursing home deaths, thousands of permanently closed businesses, 1 1/2 years of lost in-person education, epic MVC lines, massive unemployment benefit delays, and enough other ongoing outrages that one would HOPE elected Republicans would be going all-in to defeat him.

“Hope.” More like dream.

On Monday evening, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) – who is running to replace Tom Kean Jr. in the State Senate – hosted a backyard gathering with New Jersey comedians (Bramnick fancies himself a stand-up comedian, btw) “to show our support after a difficult year.”

You may’ve noticed former Democrat governor and current state senator Dick Codey on the far right in a powder blue jacket.

No masks??? The outdoor mandate has been lifted (not that you or I were following it anyway), but I don’t see a lot of distancing. 

And guess who else was there?

h/t NJ Advanced Media’s Brent Johnson who attended:

This is classic Bramnick, folks.

Back in January, the long-time Westfield legislator offered a ‘response’ to Murphy’s state of the state address which can be summarized as, paraphrasing: Murphy and I are friends and have been to each other’s houses.

Now he’s attempting to show solidarity with small businesses and other suffering workers by… locking arms with the very man (Phil Murphy) who is responsible for killing one-third of the Garden State’s small businesses in 2020?

No logic.

No shame.

No respect for the thousands of people whose lives have been ruined by this man.

This isn’t “bipartisanship.” Giving aid and comfort to a governor who has – and continues to – hurt this state and rule like a dictator is an act of complicity.

And what person with any self-respect would sit there and listen to Phil Murphy pretend it hasn’t all been his fault? Particularly if they’re a comedian who has had trouble working?

It’s also no wonder why the Republican brand continues to deteriorate. Without better leadership that’s actually willing to fight for the people of this state, I hate to say it but New Jersey legislative elections truly don’t matter very much at all. 

Matt Rooney
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