Biden’s poll numbers are tumbling in… New Jersey?

Biden’s poll numbers are tumbling in… New Jersey?

Brand new Monmouth poll results released Monday show President Joe Biden’s standing in blue New Jersey is eroding, Save Jerseyans.

54% of New Jerseyans polled presently approve of Biden’s COVID-19 job performance while 31% disapprove. That’s still obnoxiously rightside up (I know what you’re thinking), but it also means Biden is down a stunning 11-points from only a few months ago in May 2021 when New Jerseyans approved 65% to 27%. Biden’s response rating is currently 7-points lower than that of Governor Phil Murphy.

Biden’s overall job approval fell by 4-points (now 51%-41% versus 55%-40%) over the same period of time. Fueling Biden’s decline is his reduced standing with independent voters who now give him a net negative (42% to 45%) approval rating.

Uncle Joe is least popular in South Jersey where he’s underwater by 7-points (42%-49%).

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Tumbling polling numbers in the Garden State are a troubling sign for Biden and Midterm Democrat candidates since biden carried N.J. by 16-points last fall.

Nationally, POTUS is under 50% in 5 of the last 6 polls.