Whitman’s anti-Trump grievance group endorses Andy Kim, Josh Gottheimer

Whitman’s anti-Trump grievance group endorses Andy Kim, Josh Gottheimer

Christine Todd Whitman has finally gone full-Democrat in all but name, Save Jerseyans.

Whitman’s “Renew America” group endorsed Democrat Congressmen Andy Kim and Josh Gottheimer on Thursday. The stated goal of the ex-GOP governor’s organization is to blow up the Republican Party over its support of Donald Trump. 

“The officials, dismayed that most elected Republicans now embrace former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen, told Reuters they are also backing vulnerable Republicans, including Representative Liz Cheney, who have rejected Trump’s voter fraud allegations,” the group announced in a press release.

“We’re going to go where we believe we can affect the outcome,” Whitman explained in a separate YouTube video.

The Republicans don’t have nominees in NJ-03 (Kim) and NJ-05 (Gottheimer), so it’s unclear how/why backing these two Democrats over a year from Election 2022 is necessary to defeat Trump in 2024.

Looking for logic in any of this is naturally a mistake. Her hatred of the 45th president is well-known at times completely unhinged; back in 2019, she tweeted and then deleted a comparison of Trump and Hitler.

Of course, Whitman’s problems with the GOP preceded Donald Trump’s legendary golden escalator ride by over a decade. She penned a screed titled “It’s My Party Too” way back in 2006 complaining about the rise of “social fundamentalists.”