N.J. Democrat congressman declares “the economy back” during bizarre townhall

Omar (left) and Malinowski (center)

The “R” word (recession) is cropping up more frequently with each passing week, Save Jerseyans, and Garden State residents increasingly struggle to afford rent, groceries, gasoline, or even find basic necessities like baby formula.

New Jersey’s most endangered 2022 incumbent – Congressman Tom Malinowski (D, NJ-07) – says there’s nothing to worry about.

The economy “is back.” That may come as a surprise to you, Save Jerseyans, but Malinowski made the bizarre remark during a June 16th tele-townhall appearance.

Denial isn’t much of an electoral strategy but it’s clearly what Malinowski is sticking with in the final months of what’s shaping up to be a potentially disastrous election for Democrats.

“Tom Malinowski’s strategy of lying his way through his campaign would work if New Jersey voters couldn’t just walk outside and immediately see countless ways Malinowski’s reckless agenda has failed them,” reacted NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock.

Granted, Malinowski has refused to formally support Joe Biden in 2024 to date, but the embattled incumbent is lazily echoing Biden’s strange “everything is great and/or someone else’s fault” talking points.

Matt Rooney
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