Newark renames ‘Washington Park’ after Harriet Tubman

Newark renames ‘Washington Park’ after Harriet Tubman

Wokeness is still on the march in New Jersey’s most populous city.

The Baraka Administration is the latest Democrat regime to take a hatchet to history, Save Jerseyans, announcing on Monday that the Brick City would rename its popular north end “Washington Park.” Henceforth, it’s “Harriet Tubman Square.”

“I’m proud to have renamed Washington Park to Harriet Tubman Square in honor of the abolitionist on #Juneteenth here in Newark,” announced Baraka. “We look forward to unveiling a monument in the square in her honor this fall.”

“Today, as Mayor Baraka renames this park in Harriet Tubman’s honor, we, as New Jerseyans, can feel pride in our state’s role in the Underground Railroad. At the same time, however, we cannot forget that New Jersey was the last of all northern states to abolish slavery,” said Tammy Murphy. “There is no doubt that the effects of that evil continue to ripple through our communities today, making our work to expand opportunity in business, education, and homeownership, and to achieve equity in representation, health outcomes, and much more not just important, but our moral imperative.”

A statue of Christopher Columbus was removed from the former Washington Park in June 2020.

There’s no word so far as to the fate of the statue of George Washington.