SCOTUS announces it will hear N.J. vs. N.Y. case

SCOTUS announces it will hear N.J. vs. N.Y. case

New Jersey and New York will get their day in front of the United States Supreme Court in the coming term, Save Jerseyans.

On Tuesday, the High Court issued its order list announcing that it would take up a dispute between the neighbor states (SCOTUS has original jurisidiction for disputes between the states):

New York v. New Jersey concerns the Garden State’s unilateral attempt to withdraw from the “Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor,” a relic of the World War II-catalyzed era when the mafia played an outsized role in port operations. Remember Marlon Brando’s 1954 classic On The Waterfront?

New York wants New Jersey to stay arguing that there’s still relevance undergirding the compact.

New Jersey wants to go, arguing in its brief that the commission’s regulations imposed on businesses serves as an “impediment to future job growth and prosperity at the port.”

Divorce is always messy, folks.

It isn’t a controversial issue in Trenton at least. Former Govrnor Chris Christie signed a bill to withdraw before leaving office, but New York ultimately obtained an injunction. The Murphy Administration ultimately decided to appeal directly to SCOTUS.