Kean accuses Malinowski of “brazen attempt to subvert democracy” after Moderate Party files suit

Kean accuses Malinowski of “brazen attempt to subvert democracy” after Moderate Party files suit

Not dissuaded by two (!) rejections by New Jersey’s Democrat Secretary of State, the self-styled Moderate Party filed a notice of appeal on Wednesday to challenge the constitutionality of the state’s ban on “fusion voting.”

Secretary of State Way rejected Malinowski’s fusion ticket scam wice: on June 8th and again on July 19th. The espoused goal of the suit is to get far-Left Democrat Tom Malinowski on the ballot twice in November: as the Democrat nominee AND as the endorsed candidate of the Moderate Party. Given the lawsuit’s late arrival – ballots go out soon – and its long-shot chances, observers believe the more likely goal is to associate Malinowski with “moderation” in the minds of NJ-07 voters ahead of an especially difficult reelection campaign.

“Malinowski preaches all day long about the sanctity of democracy, and yet now that his his own job and taxpayer-funded paycheck is on the line, he tried to do an end-run around the New Jersey Constitution and break the law by having his name appear on the ballot twice,” opined Tom Szymanski, executive director of the NJGOP. “It reeks of desperation and Malinowski knows he is going to lose to Tom Kean in November.”

“Perhaps Tom Malinowski simply thinks nobody would notice, or perhaps this is a more brazen attempt to subvert democracy and benefit his own political stock,” said Kean, the 2022 GOP nominee who almost beat Malinowski two years ago. “However you cut it – this is a dishonest attempt to fool voters in an astoundingly tough election year for Washington Democrats.”

Dishonest may be an understatement. Malinowski’s voting record aligns with AOC’s 95% of the time, and his donor list reads like a who’s who of far-Left activist organizations. Kean referred to it as “unabashed service to the far-left wing of the Democratic Party.”

“At a time when the issues we face as a country are so great and differences between the paths forward are so stark, make no mistake: Tom Malinowski is no Moderate,” Kean added.