SPADEA: No tolerance for anyone in power who is actively hurting children (OPINION)

SPADEA: No tolerance for anyone in power who is actively hurting children (OPINION)

If you’re like me, you believe that childhood should be spent playing outside, learning a sport, and learning lifelong skills like math, reading, writing, and history.

Instead, the transgender radical political cult is set on grooming your kids and throwing out a confusion bomb to cast doubt on whether they were ‘born in the right body’. They isolate, discriminate and bully anyone who doesn’t buy into the nonsense of identifying your pronouns.

The left’s extreme social experiment has been pushed for so long by the corporate media and corrupt politicians that it is actually now hurting children.

The same kids who are too young to see a PG-13 movie are now being encouraged to change their genders, take growth-stunting and irreversible hormone blockers and more. The same kids who are waiting for Santa Claus to bring presents on Christmas morning are being forced to doubt themselves and being turned against their parents. This is exactly how fascists take control. They poison young people with lies and corrupt ideas and turn them against their own families and communities. We’ve seen this in fascist governments over the past 100+ years and we’re now seeing it in America.

Recently, Dr. Rachel Levine, the man who identifies as a woman and serves as the Assistant Secretary for Health echoed the same messaging that the radicals are pushing… That trans-youth (even the VERY young ones) need to be encouraged, nurtured, etc. This is not about tolerance of those poor souls who truly suffer from the disorder of “Gender Dysphoria’. For those kids, we need to help them in every way possible. But they are the very small outlier in this debate. This is about recruiting healthy, normal kids by casting doubt and preying on their developing minds.

Watch for yourself and help us make a statement – teaching young kids to become trans is NOT common sense:

Our job as parents is to raise our kids in a way that teaches them to be good people. Tolerant people. Strong and kind people. We have to prepare them for the future, and allow them to have a bit of fun and grow up to make their own choices.

When adults actively recruit and groom kids to change their sex, we’re WAY beyond tolerance of people who are different. The sickest part of this is that puberty blockers and other nonreversible actions are being aggressively pushed – often on kids who have literally not even started puberty. What are we doing? Has the nation lost its mind? Enough is enough. We can have NO TOLERANCE for anyone in power who is actively hurting children. Levine is a disgrace and should be out of office immediately if not sooner.

The common sense approach here is to support those going through tough times, including youth who might be confused about how they fit in or feel. But what’s happening now is dangerous, it’s anti-parent, and it lacks common sense.


BILL SPADEA is best known as NJ 101.5’s unapologetically conservative and politically incorrect morning host. He’s also a former business executive, consultant, congressional candidate, TV host, and New Jersey political strategist.