Booker once praised Bankman Fried (and his afro)

Cory Booker is one name on a growing list of Democrats returning their donation from Sam Bankman Fried, Save Jerseyans, but as the disgraced FTX CEO fights extradition, it’s worth remembering that Spartacus was once a huge SBF fan.

He didn’t just take cash from him; during a February 2022 hearing, Booker gushed over the ex-Democrat megadonor and praised his… afro?

“Mr. Bankman Fried I’m going to interrupt you because I’ve only got 30 seconds left and I’m offended you have a much more glorious afro than I once had,” said Booker.

That’s Cory for you: always focused on the big stuff!

Enjoy, but try not to vomit:


Matt Rooney
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