Freudian slip? DeCroce pledges to “impose more taxes” if returned to N.J. Assembly

Sloppy editing? Or a Freudian slip?

Whatever the case might be, Save Jerseyans, former Assemblywoman Betty Lou DeCroce (R-26) dropped a new press release on Thursday announcing that “it’s time to cut the corporate tax.” The last line of the release, however, contradicted the headline:

“I opposed the tax surcharge in 2018 and I will continue impose more taxes on the job creators who are already in New Jersey or want to come to New Jersey,” said DeCroce.


Now, I think it’s safe to say that this is a proof-reading error (further suggested by the missing preposition).

But it’s also worth remembering that DeCroce backed the 2016 faustian gas tax pact between Chris Christie and the Machine Democrats; the Garden State went from having one of the cheapest gas taxes in the nation to one of the highest, and despite the fact that the money was supposed to help our road system, our infrastructure recently ranked 2nd worst in the entire country a full seven years later.

So should we really assume this is an editing error?

Or should we trust what we remember about DeCroce’s tenure in Trenton?

DeCroce is a self-described “moderate” who lost a primary in 2021 due in part to her gas tax support. In defeat, she blamed the voters.

“I can’t give you a clear answer on how can a moderate can even survive and try to get some things done,” DeCroce complained to InsiderNJ in June 2021. “If you’re pragmatic and work with the other party, how do you run against that wing of the party that takes offense to that, and how is our party going to grow with that kind of attitude? No ones going to want to participate and there goes our democracy down the drain.”

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