Rooney’s latest take on Trump, Biden scandals becomes Fox News headline Founder and 1210 WPHT Radio host Matt Rooney’s latest commentary on the criminal probes surrounding Donald Trump and the Biden family turned into a Fox News headline on Thursday.

Rooney, 38, pointed out that it wasn’t all too long ago that Democrats of the 1990s were insistent that anything involving a sexual affair was strictly private; their reaction, of course, was influenced at the time by the fact that then-President Bill Clinton was in the hot seat for perjuring himself during a deposition involving his affair with Monica Lewinsky..

Fox picked up Matt’s tweet which was critical of White House spox and famous idiot Karine Jean-Pierre: 

Radio host Matt Rooney exclaimed, “But we’re going to prioritize prosecuting Trump for allegedly paying a porn star to not talk about sex? We’re living in an insane time, folks, especially for my fellow 80s/90s kids who were told ‘it’s okay to commit perjury if it’s sex’ during the Clinton ordeal.”

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