What works in a yard sign (and what doesn’t) – Sponsored Post

Whether your campaign is for the school board, town council or county commissioner we are here to help carry your message to your voters. We provide basic door to door handheld literature along with election day door hangers.

We will get your candidacy known, as we have been your PROVEN CAMPAIGN MESSAGING SOLUTIONS TEAM.

We provide Election Signs, T-shirts, Graphic Design, Mail Fulfillment services or other promotional items to make your candidacy stand out from your competition.

· Know your Budget Breakdown, spending strategically within your budget for proper messaging, door to door literature and mailers should be precise and targeted.

· Campaign Signs should be clear and concise. As your prospective voters zip around the neighborhood in their cars or walking their dogs, you only have a moment – if you’re lucky – to grab their attention. Avoiding word clutter is important and remember what matters: candidate name (emphasis on the last) and the office they’re seeking and maybe the date of the election, too!

· Imaging should include a high-resolution format for effective branding.

Contact Ron Cefalone at 908-500-6443 to get your voters talking and create your ELECTION BUZZ!