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Romney Adopted Reagan’s Winning 1980 Strategy in the Final Debate (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney was criticized in some (though by no means most) conservative quarters on Tuesday for letting Obama off the hook for Libya in Monday night’s debate. I’m not sure that that’s entirely fair. Most folks in-the-know seem to think it was Read More

Based on Last Night’s Debate Performance, Obama’s Internals Must Really Stink

One candidate walked into the final 2012 debate last night exuding calm, confidence, and behaving in a thoroughly-presidential manner. The second candidate was hyper-aggressive, nasty, and myopically focused on landing a punch on the other guy instead of setting forth Read More

LIVE STREAM: The FINAL 2012 Presidential Debate

This is it! Tonight’s final presidential debate of 2012 gets underway at 9:00 p.m. EST, Save Jerseyans, live from Florida’s Lynn University. CBS’s Bob Schieffer is the moderator for this epic 90-minute foreign policy debate. Will Mitt Romney successfully indict the President’s foreign Read More