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12 Things You Didn’t Hear in Last Night’s Obama DNC Speech

After hearing Barry Goldwater’s “freedom in defense of liberty in no vice” acceptance speech at the ill-fated 1964 GOP convention, a journalist famously exclaimed “My God, he’s going to run as Barry Goldwater!” I experienced a similar reaction last night, Save Jerseyans, after hearing President Barack Obama deliver Read More

Barack Obama’s #dnc2012 Address (FULL TEXT)

Four years ago, then-Senator Barack Obama stood in the middle of Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado to address 84,000 elated fans. Hope. Change. Magic. Skies opening, trumpets sounding, the dead rising from their graves, etc. and so on. Read More

Weather Looks Fine, Mr. President!

The official DNC 2012 website still says we can expect to hear from Obama/Biden at the 70k+ capacity Bank of America Stadium. Oops. DNC 2012 Convention organizers are blaming the weather for their decision to move tonight’s festivities inside the Read More

Bill Clinton’s #DNC2012 Speech (FULL TEXT)

Did you miss the least sincere convention speech in American electoral history, Save Jerseyans? Bill Clinton argued for President Obama’s reelection tonight at the 2012 DNC in order to preserve the Clinton legacy for posterity (and 2016?). Unfortunately for electorally-vulnerable Democrats, Read More