Category: Governmental Incompetence

Keep the Faith!

With the reelection of President Obama, conservatives everywhere have had their faith challenged. We believed that the nation had seen the error of its ways and would leave behind this gargantuan some call government. We were wrong. Regardless of who Read More

Lesniak Won’t Quit! Big Gov’t Foreclosure Bill Back for Round 2

Senator Ray Lesniak is a resilient political creature, Save Jerseyans. After his awful piece of legislation passed along party lines and then was vetoed by Governor Christie for being, well, an awful piece of legislation, Ray is at it again. Read More

Connecting the Dots: DRPA to Machine

The DRPA decided in 1999 with their $500 million Revenue Bond that it needed to stray from its core charge of (1) providing access to-and-from Philadelphia at a fair cost for regional commuters, to (2) funding “economic development” initiatives with Read More

How to Articulate the Case Against Obama and 8 Simple Crazy Things He Has Done

Many a time a liberal friend of mine will discuss the supposed racism of the right, the “Tea Party”, Chris Christie or what not. As I am often the sole voice of conservativism in many of my circles, I am Read More

NJ to Pay Public Workers to Move to Former Abbott Districts?

New Jersey Democrats just keep thinking up ways to buy votes and protect their strongholds. Assemblyman Reed Gusciora is sponsoring a bill that has reportedly been kicked around the state house since 2006 (and never voted on for obvious reasons) Read More

AFP Attacks NJ Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act in New TV Ad

Americans for Prosperity is hitting the airwaves again. This time their target is the NJ Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act, a bill being pushed by Democrats that creates a new lawyer of government with frightening power. The new agency will have Read More

Ruminations of Passover, Easter, and the United States

This Passover – Easter season I am compelled more than normal to see the world through eschatological lens. The end is near, both for America and the world. But so is a new beginning. President Obama is neither the Egyptian Read More