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NJ-11: Carroll says DeNeufville should apologize for anti-Webber mailer

CHATHAM, N.J. — Peter DeNeufville is the wild card in next Tuesday’s NJ-11 Republican primary contest. He doesn’t have the name recognition or grassroots muscle of Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26). He doesn’t have the establishment support or two county lines (Passaic Read More

LD25: Combat veteran Bergen wants to run for Carroll’s seat

By Matt Rooney _ The first candidate to succeed Michael Patrick Carroll — the LD25 conservative Republican Assemblyman who New Jersey Globe reported on Monday is not seeking reelection — is putting his name into circulation, Save Jerseyans. Brian Bergen Read More

New Jersey’s proposed ‘equal pay’ law is legally incomprehensible

By Michael Patrick Carroll _ Whenever a bill passes 105-2 – and YOU are one of the two – a decent respect for the opinions of one’s colleagues – never mind simple modesty – requires one to re-examine whether one Read More

CARROLL: Sweeney’s new corporate surcharge will be paid by real people

By Michael Patrick Carroll _ This is supposed to be a news story, not an op-ed. So, REPORT, don’t opine. There is no way of knowing where revenue from a new tax will go; that’s just cover for leftist politicians Read More

CARROLL: Blame leftist policies for any tax reform-related N.J. “pinch”

A handful of New Jersey Republicans are calling bull on the Murphy-Menendez-Booker tax reform narrative. One of them is Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris). “In short, NJ finds itself in a pinch because of leftist policies,” said Carroll on social Read More

Carroll outguns Weinberg and her ‘smart gun’ revisionism on Facebook

Governor Chris Christie’s “shall issue” declaration drew most of the attention when he vetoed two gun control measures last week, Save Jerseyans, but the substance of his conditional veto of S-816 arguably carries (pun intended) further reaching consequences for gun rights nation-wide. Why? Read More

Carroll to Rubio supporters: “Cruz is your guy”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Ted Cruz‘s only New Jersey legislative endorser (to my knowledge) is conservative stalwart Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25), Save Jerseyans, who also just happens to be one of the more articulate members of Read More

Carroll formally weighs in for Cruz

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog His social media followers won’t be surprised, but conservative New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) formally endorsed presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Monday. “Ted Cruz brings a better understanding of the Read More

Carroll, repping 18 drinking age, says road funding roadblock is the Feds’ problem

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There are a few different attacks being leveled against conservative Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll‘s push to lower New Jersey’s drinking age from 21 to 18, Save Jerseyans, ranging from the safety argument Read More