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Op-Ed: It’s time for members of Congress to take action, not brag about inaction

It is a challenging time for our country. We are divided politically and a great many Americans have genuine concerns about the future. I get that and respect it. Representing a congressional district that twice voted for President Obama in Read More

Trump May Love Winning But Republicans Remain Averse To It!

Let’s discuss the American Health Care Act (AHCA) disaster  in a little greater detail, Save Jerseyans, since there’s a lot of blame (and misinformation) going around. First and foremost, the American Health Care Act would’ve repealed only certain parts of the Affordable Care Read More

Lance Pledges Support for Obamacare ‘Repair,’ Criticizes Trump’s Wall Plan at Branchburg Town Hall

Leonard Lance‘s position on Obamacare can best be summarized as follows, Save Jerseyans: Repair the (Un)Affordable Care Act a/k/a Obamacare. “I want to make sure there is continuous coverage for everybody,” Lance asserted from the podium at his capacity Wednesday evening Read More

Has Organized Crime Hijacked our Medical Delivery System?

By Alieta Eck, MD | The Save Jersey Blog What is organized crime? The dictionary defines it as a means of generating income through bribery and threats of grievous retribution, often buying political patronage for immunity from exposure and prosecution. Perpetrators of Read More