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Murphy to AL, GA business owners: come for the abortions, stay for the taxes!

By Matt Rooney _ Is ‘social justice’ enough to overcome crippling, anti-business policies? That’s unlikely, Save Jerseyans, but Governor Phil Murphy hopes so all the same. He recently implored business owners in Georgia and Alabama to abandon their pro-life states Read More

NJ-05: McCann seizes Alabama upset to cast opponent Lonegan as ‘unacceptable candidate’

A Republican loss in Alabama on Tuesday night prompted NJ-05 GOP primary hopeful John McCann to take a targeted swipe at his opponent, Steve Lonegan, as the 2018 cycle gets underway in New Jersey’s northernmost U.S. House district.  “Last night Read More

Roy Moore accuser admits writing part of the disputed yearbook inscription

There’s a bombshell out of Alabama today concerning the sexual misconduct allegations facing GOP U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore (via Fox News): “Beverly Young Nelson told ABC News she wrote part of the disputed note in her high school yearbook Read More

The key to equality? Quit collaborating with the forces of inequality!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The millennial bedwetters and mouthbreathers combating microaggressions on campuses around the United States this fall semester don’t know what real hatred looks like, Save Jerseyans. They can’t imagine.  Sixty years ago, black men Read More