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The Reason for Lautenberg’s Muted Wisconsin Response

Following the tragic “Dark Knight Rises” shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, U.S. Senator Frank “The Laut” Lautenberg (D-NJ) pounced like an ancient tiger, Save Jerseyans, aggressively politicizing the tragedy with the goal of pushing new gun control laws on Read More

Save Jersey’s Week in Review (7/16/12 – 7/22/12)

For Monday, July 16th through Sunday, July 22nd 2012 *** “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” SHOOTING REFLECTIONS *** ROONEY#1: The Moon Seems So Far from Aurora… MULRANEY: Left Wing Politica 101 – Politicizing Tragedies  Newt Schools Bloomberg, Jackson on Second Amendment Read More

In Defense of Batman: Stop Passing the Buck for Bad Parenting and a Youth Mental Health Crisis

Almost as obnoxious as liberal attempts to turn a tragedy into a political football are the concerted efforts to blame Batman himself for inciting violence. Talk about “passing the buck,” Save Jerseyans! It’s a little ironic, too, because Batman voluntarily takes the fall Read More

Newt Schools Bloomberg, Jesse Jackson on 2nd Amendment (VIDEO)

The Left can’t seem to help themselves, Save Jerseyans. You and I woke up on Friday morning and instinctively said a silent prayer for the victims. They woke up and dusted off their gun control talking points. So you know Read More

Obama Must Not Think Batman Deserves Credit for Wayne Enterprises

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up, Save Jerseyans. It’s been reported that President Obama’s supporters plan to use the Batman villain “Bane” from this summer’s new movie, The Dark Knight Rises, to attack Governor Mitt Romney. You know, because Read More