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Hilldawg Loses It (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Senator Ron Johnson asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a fairly simple question at this morning’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee session, attemping to confirm at long last whether last fall’s Benghazi terror attack was (1) a coordinated terror attack or Read More

Obama Continues to Lie About Benghazi on Denver Television (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama was on KUSA-TV in battleground Colorado today. The local reporter did a great job with the interview, Save Jerseyans; Obama, for his part, continued to lie with impunity, claiming we still need to “find out exactly what happened” Read More

Romney Adopted Reagan’s Winning 1980 Strategy in the Final Debate (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney was criticized in some (though by no means most) conservative quarters on Tuesday for letting Obama off the hook for Libya in Monday night’s debate. I’m not sure that that’s entirely fair. Most folks in-the-know seem to think it was Read More

I’d Call for Obama’s Impeachment If Election Day Weren’t 13 Days Out

The already incriminating Benghazi terrorist attack timeline just got MUCH worse for President Obama this morning, Save Jerseyans, following the release of diplomatic emails obtained by major news outlets. Click here to review a pdf of the State Department’s email alerts (h/t CBS.com). And Read More

New Rove Ad Eviscerates Obama Administration’s Benghazi-Gate Cover Up

The Architect Karl Rove’s “American Crossroads” Super PAC launched this brand spankin’ new television spot in battleground states on Thursday. It’s brilliant, Save Jerseyans! Benghazi-Gate is going to be a major focus of Monday’s final presidential debate. Our girl Candy Read More