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Gaggle of N.J. academics announce redistricting working group

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Democrats’ partisan redistricting amendment is on life support for the time being, but the state’s academic community is trying to get a jump on the upcoming legislative redistrict process.  According to a Monday afternoon press release, Read More

The redistricting amendment is dead (for now) but N.J. democracy is still on the ropes

By Matt Rooney _ That’s all for now, Save Jerseyans. The Democrat legislative leadership’s efforts to reconfigure New Jersey’s districts according to an in-name-only “fairness” standard hit a brick wall and is back on the shelf for now. Republicans complained, Read More

Eric Holder joins opposition to N.J.’s redistricting amendment

By Matt Rooney _ Power politics makes for strange bedfellows, Save Jerseyans, and our own machine-dominated, thoroughly-corrupted Garden State political culture is certainly no exception to the rule. Today, as Senate and Assembly lawmakers debate a redistricting amendment proposal in Read More

How Obama’s Post-Presidency Could Affect Your State Legislature

During his final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama insisted that one means of ending the nation’s polarized political environment is changing how the states draw congressional and state legislative districts. “If we want a better politics, it’s Read More

REPORT: Redistricting amendment dead (for now)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog SCR-188, the Democrat leadership’s outrageous one-party rule constitutional amendment, is allegedly where it belongs (in a grave) after a large-scale media, academic, and bipartisan uproar, Save Jerseyans: The spokesman says the N.J. Read More

Cardinale slams “Anti-American” redistricting amendment

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog A lot has been said about the new trend of “governing-by-constitutional amendment” that’s taken over Trenton in Chris Christie’s second term, Save Jerseyans, but for veteran state Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-39), the infamous SCR-188 is more Read More