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VIDEO: Bill Brown and Chris Christie Exchange – the FULL Exchange

Yesterday we posted the doctored up video that the media has been circulating of Governor Christie and Bill Brown going at it over the Rutgers Rowan Merger at a Burlington County Town Hall meeting. That original video, in its heavily Read More

Save Jersey’s “Week in Review” (2/13/12 – 2/19/12)

For Monday, February 13th through Sunday, February 19th 2012  *** FALL OUT FROM WHITNEY HOUSTON FLAG LOWERING FLAP *** ROONEY: Rush Limbaugh (who also infamously dealt with substance abuse) defends Christie’s decision McGOVERN: Don’t Like It? Get Over It! *** GAY MARRIAGE Read More

About that Rutgers/Rowan Merger, Or Takeover, Or…

Cross-Posted at Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drK2wv6Q54w In the above video, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tells a caller that the plan to join Rutgers South Jersey and Rowan University as one school is gonna be just great for everybody. Well, Read More