Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018
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N.J. legislator proposes mandating HPV immunization for school kids

TRENTON, N.J. — As New Jersey legislators move to limit the religious exemption for childhood vaccinations and in so doing dramatically expand the potency of the state’s existing school immunization requirements, another bill waiting in the wings is guaranteed to stir the pot even further on this controversial topic. A1847 – sponsored by Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt of […]

Marlboro Schools Get Armed and Uniformed Cops

By Art Gallagher _ Marlboro Township’s K-8 schools now have armed and uniformed police officers present at all times during school hours under an agreement between the Township and Board of Education that was approved by the Board last night, Mayor Jonathan Hornik announced. “I am pleased that the Board of Education has supported our […]

N.J. district facing backlash over gun photo suspensions changes policy

The Lacey school district quietly changed a policy last week that prohibited students from legally handling a gun off campus after being threatened with a law suit by a gun advocacy organization. … that sparked the community backlash was taken on a weekend at a private gun range, according to Lacey Township resident Amanda Buron, […]

Think #WalkoutWednesday is organic? Think again.

By Matt Rooney _ Anyone who believes that most of these #WalkoutWednesday kids actually care about “gun control” – or even understand what it means, or why we have a 2nd Amendment in the first place – has clearly forgotten what it’s like to be 16. At that age, Save Jerseyans? I would’ve rallied for […]

Major N.J. town placing police in all schools starting Monday

By The Staff _ Cherry Hill, New Jersey will place “fully equipped” township police officers in all township schools effective Monday March 5th. The post-Parkland move was first reported by The Courier-Post. It comes only days after a mass student walkout over school safety — and a suspended teacher who broached the topic to his […]

The List: Top 10 School Districts Where English Is Not the Primary Language

That New Jersey is among the most diverse states in the nation is a given, but anyone who has doubts can just look at the most recent District Performance Reports issued by the state Department of Education. These report cards for districts include information about languages spoken in the homes of the state’s 1.4 million […]

Parkland: The Ultimate Argument for Limited Government in America

By Matt Rooney _ Here’s something I don’t hear anyone else saying on television/radio/etc, Save Jerseyans, and it’s driving my blood pressure into the stratosphere: Everyone knew Cruz was a monster. That’s an uncontroversial conclusion in of itself. The school didn’t act. The FBI didn’t act. Local police were called to Cruz’s home 39 times. […]

Parkland shooter always in trouble, never expelled. Why didn’t school system do more?

MIAMI — At times, Nikolas Cruz’s behavior could be a school administrator’s nightmare: Teachers and other students said he kicked doors, cursed at teachers, fought with and threatened classmates and brought a backpack with bullets to school. He collected a string of discipline for profanity, disobedience, insubordination and disruption. In 2014, administrators transferred Cruz to […]

OP-ED: America is not Australia

By Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-3) _ On February 14th, many of us observed Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and a time to reflect on the meaning and temporary nature of our lives. That day, a troubled individual who should not have been able to get a gun, took seventeen lives in a Florida school. Since then, […]

Post-Parkland, local N.J. officials call for a police officer in every school

WESTAMPTON, NJ — Last week’s deadly shooting rampage at a Parkland, Florida high school has reignited a national debate over how best to safeguard America’s softest domestic targets from mentally ill killers and ideological terrorists alike. Westampton Township Committeewoman Maureen Smith-Hartman and Committeeman Abraham López of Burlington County, New Jersey, believe that the first step should […]