Ex-N.J. treasurer: 11 observations to guide you through N.J.’s tax policy

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff Every four years, like a scene from “Groundhog Day,” candidates for New Jersey governor serve up a warmed-over menu of policy platitudes. My favorites concern taxes. No issue that touches so many people invites more political obfuscation, misrepresentation, and outright nonsense. Here are a few observations to help you make sense of it […]

Can Guadagno’s ‘Circuit Breaker’ Short-Circuit Rising Property Taxes?

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno Kim Guadagno, the state’s lieutenant governor and a leading Republican gubernatorial candidate, has come up with a novel “circuit-breaker” approach to providing New Jersey residents with relief from the state’s ever-rising property tax bills. But her proposal has also met with skepticism and claims of irresponsibility, since she hasn’t identified a […]

Guest Op-ed: Morris County’s Budgets Are Headed In The Wrong Direction

For the second year in a row, the 2017 Morris County budget increases taxes by nearly $8 million or 3.4%. What’s worse: there was a major error in the budget presentation. I served as a Morris County Freeholder from 2013 to 2015 when Morris County taxes actually went down $5 million.  Monmouth County introduced a 2017 […]

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Trump’s Budget Cuts Face Resistance From Republican Lawmakers

Republican leaders are voicing disapproval of budget cuts proposed by President Donald Trump. “I doubt there’d be a lot of appetite for dramatic cuts this year,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, told Roll Call. “I just look at it as a conversation. They’ve got their views, we’ve got our views, and we need to […]

Twitter Just SHREDDED Rachel Maddow Over Trump Tax Return ‘Story’

MSNBC’s unapologetic liberal “journalist” Rachel Maddow lit the internet on fire Tuesday night when she teased via Twitter that she’d gotten her hands on President Donald Trump’s tax returns – a scoop that would have been pretty juicy, considering Trump never released his tax returns during the presidential campaign as all other modern-era presidents have […]

OPINION: Why Reagan Destroyed the Republican Party

Is that a shocking enough headline for you? I know there are conservatives and blue dog Democrats alike reeling in horror right now. Let me make my case and you can call me anything you want after. Ronald Reagan, originally an actor and president of the Screen Actors Guild, slowly morphed from a borderline “B” […]

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Election 2017 in a Nutshell? It’s Murphy, Barchi and the Millionaires Versus Deplorable N.J.

New Jersey’s Election 2017 is going to be remembered for a lot of reasons, Save Jerseyans, but none more so than the simple fact that the battle lines are so painfully clear. This will be an “us versus them” election if there ever was one. The overlords versus the serfs. The elites versus the average. […]

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THE LIST: New Jersey’s Top 100 Highest Property Tax Towns

Oh, My! Is YOUR Town On THIS List? February 3, 2017 Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — Is your town in the top 100? These are the top 100 New Jersey towns with the HIGHEST property taxes. Taxes listed are average for each town…. Source: NJ State Department of Community Affairs ____

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Interactive Map: Where NJ’s High Property Taxes Are Highest (and Lowest)

New Jersey’s highest-in-the-nation property taxes rose again last year by more than the state cap allows, and while schools remain the biggest spenders of tax dollars, municipal governments have been driving the nearly 13 percent increase since Gov. Chris Christie took office. Between 2015 and 2016, the average homeowner’s tax bill rose to $8,549, an […]

Citing benefits savings, Christie reverses course on PA tax reciprocity

Governor Chris Christie is walking back his decision to end income tax reciprocity with Pennsylvania, citing health benefit reform savings as the reason for his decision. He signed S-2749/A-4328 on Monday, legislation that reforms New Jersey state pharmacy benefits system and generating projecting savings of $200 million. That’s on top of a September move by the State Health Benefits Commission and Plan Design […]

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Taxes could go up for Pennsylvania residents who work in New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie ended a 38-year income tax agreement between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. AP Photo/Mel Evans TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie’s administration announced Friday it has notified Pennsylvania that the state is pulling out of a 38-year-old agreement that allows New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents who work across the river to pay income taxes […]

You’re ‘getting shafted every year’ on school funding: Christie to town

FAIR LAWN — Gov. Chris Christie resumed a statewide tour promoting his proposed school funding overhaul Thursday, telling residents of Fair Lawn they are “getting shafted every year, over and over again.” In a public forum at the Fair Lawn Senior Center, the governor said his proposed Fairness Formula would give Fair Lawn an 814 […]

Jersey City’s mayor continues to run for governor with your cash

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog New Jerseyans justifiably resent their worst-in-the-nation tax burden despite the fact that they typically don’t vote like it. ‘Frustrating’ doesn’t begin to describe it. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is running for governor next year as a progressive who’s also a responsible steward of his constituents’ money. He claims — and […]

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New Jersey Starts Collecting More Tax Upfront from Lottery Winners

A retooled income-tax withholding policy for lottery jackpots just went into effect at the beginning of the month in New Jersey that should help the state collect more money upfront from those winning big payouts. The overall impact on New Jersey’s latest budget is expected to be modest, but every little bit helps for a […]

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