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PERVERT PARTY: Following Weinstein flap, Murphy’s flying in Slick Willie for a campaign rally

What is it with Phil Murphy and high profile perverts? The 2017 New Jersey Democrat gubernatorial nominee quietly axed a fundraiser with accused rapist Harvey Weinstein several short weeks ago after a private meeting with the disgrace producer, but Murphy apparently Read More

REPORT: With Weinstein fundraiser axed, Hilldawg returns to N.J. for Murphy

What do Hillary Clinton (D-Wiped Server) and Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) have in common?  Besides an affinity for money, lax immigration regulations, and Harvey Weinstein? They’ll be campaigning together in Harrison, New Jersey on Sunday, October 22nd according to a report Read More

As allegations get uglier, Murphy plays word games with his Harvey Weinstein ties

Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) was put in the awkward position today of having to condemn disgraced (and fired) Hollywood producing titan Harvey Weinstein only several weeks after a meeting between the two liberals in which Murphy sought “an endorsement and fundraising Read More