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(RE)CONFIRMED: @GovChristie Will Deliver @GOPConvention Keynote

GOP convention hall construction in Tampa Bay

He was, then we weren’t sure (again) as Mitt finalized his VP pick.

But now that Mitt Romney has confirmed the great Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his vice presidential running mate, Save Jersey has confirmed with a source close to Governor Chris Christie that he WILL, in fact, deliver the keynote address in Tampa Bay.

A formal announcement will come on Monday.

We originally reported this news last night but didn’t want you to lose it in the mix. And don’t forget: Save Jersey will be reporting/blogging live from the Republican National Convention!

Get excited, Save Jerseyans…


9 comments on “(RE)CONFIRMED: @GovChristie Will Deliver @GOPConvention Keynote

  1. conservative says:

    Good. He needs to finish the job here but the country can havve him for one night.

  2. republibabe says:

    Sooooooo excited right now! Go Ryan! Go Christie!

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  5. Dave Makkar says:


    The absentee Governor Christie’s administration has drawn down $22 million of $300 million allocated to help home owners in distress under the Federal programme since 2010 according to Huffington Post. On top of that Christie administration has spent less than $1 million to provide assistance to 171 borrowers under Home Affordable Modification Program.

    Only Christie can explain where he spent the rest of $21 mil and why he has not tried to use the maximum of $300 mil allotted to the state to help home owners in distress? Maybe he has been very busy in day time circus called stage managed Town Hall Meetings, raising funds for Presidential hopeful Romney and auditioning for Vice Presidential job. His auditioning took him to Israel for one week to get the nod of Israeli handlers of Romney. Moreover Christie does not feel obligated that he has to help the home owners in distress because majority of them belong to minority communities.

    Romney picks King of Corruption & Racism Gov. Chris Christie of NJ as Keynote Speaker for Republican Convention

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  7. freedom says:

    If Rubio is not the veep candidate, then Rubio should have been chosen to be the keynote speaker at the convention.

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