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Facebook’s Zuckerberg “Likes” Christie

Billionaire Facebook Founder to Host Christie Fundraiser in California

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Facebook Newark SchoolsYou can read the full story at, Save Jerseyans.

The event is scheduled to take place in February at Mark Zuckerberg’s palatial Palo Alto home.

Governor Chris Christie doesn’t need the money; he’s easily exceeding his early fundraising goals and has far more cash on hand than his only announced Democrat challenger.

What Zuckerberg’s endorsement accomplishes is scaring the HELL out of any Democrats (1) still flirting with a challenge or (2) considering betting significant resources on the hapless Barbara Buono.

If the hip, billionaire Obama-loving Zuckerberg is going with the Republicans… you get the point.

This news also gives deflated New Jersey Democrats another reason to hate Cory Booker for declining to run (see photo above).

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  2. [...] This time, by posting an online petition (over at the DGA) asking supporters to ”tell Zuckerberg to cancel his fundraiser and stop funding Gov. Christie’s re-election campaign.” It’s the Democrat Governors’ response to today’s suprising announcement that the Facebook founder would host a fundraiser for Governor Chris Christie next month in Cali… [...]

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