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Full Democrat #NJSen Debate (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here’s the complete video of last night’s #njsen Democrat debate courtesy of NJTV, Save Jerseyans, between candidates Cory Booker, Rush Holt, Sheila Oliver and Frank Pallone.

Enjoy… or at least give it your best shot:

Need something to get the bad taste out of your mouth? Click here to watch last week’s GOP debate between primary rivals Steve Lonegan and Aleita Eck.

6 comments on “Full Democrat #NJSen Debate (VIDEO)

  1. Could barely make it through the 90-second opening statements of each of these 4 people.

  2. I heard invest , invest invest = spend , spend , spend. And get rid of the patriots act. Should we remind them. We just had home grown terrorists.

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