Tweeting Peace to the Middle East

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Cory BookerDid you miss last night’s Democrat U.S. Senate debate, Save Jerseyans?

Don’t feel bad. I would’ve watched Shark Week, too, were I not duty-bound to keep you informed. It could’ve been a complete snore without Cory Booker’s delusions and reversals. Click here to watch the entire debate from start to finish. 

The slow-paced format and narrow range of topics didn’t help. Frank Pallone looked hopelessly bored until ObamaCare came up. Rush Holt’s a rocket scientist… had you heard? And Sheila Oliver performed okay only because the bar for her was set lower than the final round of a limbo competition.

Mayor McTwitter, on the other hand, clearly came to entertain! During the foreign policy portion of the debate, he actually compared the Middle East to Newark as some sort of strange validation of his foreign policy credentials. I’m not kidding – THAT really happened. Is Cory Booker aware that the Twitterverse isn’t a foreign country? It’s an open question after last night…

Either way, what’s clear after Monday night is that the front-runner to replace Frank Lautenberg thinks he’s qualified to tackle a problem that has eluded world leaders since biblical times.

But there’s more. At one point, having endured a three-on-one attack over his nominal support for school choice, Booker abandoned his ally Chris Christie by declaring “The truth is he and I disagree on most everything, but I’ve got to work with the governor to get things done.”

Booker used to sing a very different song:


UNLIKE when Cory Booker angered his friend Barack Obama, Save Jerseyans, I suspect political threats from Chris Christie won’t be forthcoming.

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  1. Booker is as dangerous now as Obama was in 2007. They are cut from the same cloth – and it has nothing to do with race. They are carpetbaggers who take jobs simply looking ahead to the next job. That´s why Booker left Harrington Park in favor of Newark and that´s why Obama moved to Chicago. Once there, both were already looking ahead to the enxt step without accomplishing a damned thing.

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