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NBC Backpedals from Christie Exoneration Report

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The "This Bridge is Closed"

The “This Bridge is Closed”

Bob Jordan of the APP did a pretty solid job of explaining NBC’s about-face on Thursday’s bombshell Bridgegate story, Save Jerseyans.

Long story short, while NBC’s unnamed sources confirmed that “SO FAR found no grounds for charges — no involvement of the Governor himself,” the network’s current position is that he went too far by declaring that Governor Christie no longer facing any threat of federal charges stemming from the lane closure scandal.

On the path but not out of the woods?

Two working theories:


Wiz Vows to Carry On!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie pointingJohn “the Wiz” Wisniewski is the same guy who initially raised the possibility of impeaching Governor Chris Christie over the Bridgegate scandal, Save Jerseyans. Wisniewski’s SCI Bridgegate investigation subsequently spent millions of tax dollars, leaked investigatory information and, when all was said and done nine months later, UNCOVERED NO EVIDENCE that Chris Christie did anything wrong.

So what did the the Wiz, clinging to the prospect of a Bridgegate-fueled run at higher office, do on Thursday evening when it we found out that the federal government’s investigation also found no evidence of Christie wrongdoing and, moreover, would not seek any charges against the Governor?

He crawled back to MSNBC, complained about leaks, ignored targeted reform proposals (you’d think a legislative committee would be interested in legislation?) and denied ever suggesting that Governor Chris Christie had committed any criminal acts…

Sorry, Asm. O’Scanlon; I think you might be wrong after all about one thing: the Wiz has balls the size of grapefruits…


Report: Fmr. Torricelli Operative Fox Takes Over NJ DOT

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie will speak from his State House Outer Office at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Save Jerseyans. You can watch it live right here (below the fold)…

The topic matter? PolitickerNJ is reporting that Christie will replace New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner James Simpson with former McGreevey Department of Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox. He’s a partisan Democrat whose resume includes high levels positions with Robert “The Torch” Torricelli and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Did we run out of Republicans who could do the job?


Christie Barnstorms in N.H.

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

November is coming, Save Jerseyans, so Governor Chris Christie was back in the Granite State this week stumping for Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown. New Hampshire remains a critically important state for Chris Christie in 2014 (and 2016). Christie’s RGA put big money into the state and, as first reported by Save Jersey, key Christie operatives are on the ground.

Sights and sounds:

Christie and Cuomo vs. ISIS

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

President Barack Obama has announced his intention to strategize another possible-to-imminent war kinetic action micro-aggressive response (?), Save Jerseyans, this time to the mounting ISIS threat. Just please don’t call it ISIS; he likes ISIL.


In any event, despite the fact that the Obama Administration also insists that ISIS is a regionally-contained threat (if true, then why are we fighting them?), Governor Chris Christie and his counterpart, Andrew Cuomo, huddled up on Monday to discuss their own independent review of regional security; referencing the President’s ISIS speech, the pair announced a bi-state survey of state police and homeland security efforts in New Jersey and New York. The findings are due in ten days:


Christie Files Nominations to Superior Court, Parole Board

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetNominations are subject to the advice and the consent of the State Senate; direct appointments are not:


Nominate for reappointment Benjamin C. Telsey (Pilesgrove, Salem)
Nominate for appointment John M. Deitch (Fanwood, Union)
Nominate for appointment Theresa E. Mullen (Scotch Plains, Union)
Nominate for appointment Candido Rodriguez (Scotch Plains, Union)


Keep’em At Your Sides Next Time, Guv!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The opening of a Jersey City drug treatment center isn’t particularly controversial, Save Jerseyans, and the event itself was attended by members of both parties (drug sentencing reform has been a cornerstone of Governor Christie’s anti-crime and economic policies; I’m less of a fan of the watered-down “ban the box” legislation). No harm no foul with a little non-partisan interaction, right?

Still, politics is a game of optics, and it isn’t always a fair game truth be told, so I can’t help but imagine this photograph, snapped by Jennifer Brown for The Record, showing up in a 2016 GOP primary attack ad…

Can you see it in your mind’s eye? First “the hug” and, now, the hands! Silly? Maybe. But since when was politics not silly? Oof… you can tell how uncomfortable he feels:


Christie: “We’ll Get Crist Unconfused”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie’s RGA campaign swing through Florida on Friday was chock-full of fund sound bites, Save Jerseyans, ahead of what promises to be seven weeks of fierce campaigning in a statistically-tied race:

Christie Birthday Bash Raises $600k

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

christie romneyGovernor Chris Christie’s week is ending on a high note notwithstanding rough rating credit news, Save Jerseyans. He’s back in the black for his 52nd birthday.

For starters, new Stockton Poll results dropped today showing him comfortably above 50% and well-ahead of President Obama in New Jersey when it comes to the all-important job approval question.

His birthday party turned out pretty well, too. A memorandum obtained by Save Jersey, sent by Chairman Sam Raia to the rest of the organization’s members and county chairs, reports $600,000 raised from the Romney-attended event which also featured an audience of approximately 930 faithful. It’s welcome news after a news report, circulated earlier in the week, trumpeted that the committee was $300k in the red prior to the big bash.

With Wednesday night’s showing, the NJ GOP Chair says his organization expects to post close to $1 million raised in the 3rd Quarter and $1.8 million year-to-date.


Christie Vetoes Greenwald’s “Economic Opportunity Act”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

christie smileCiting “special interests for part-time legislators,” Governor Chris Christie conditionally vetoed A-3213/S-1551 today, Save Jerseyans, otherwise known as the Economic Opportunity Act, Part 3.

This legislation was sponsored by Christie arch-critic Lou Greenwald in the Assembly and Ray Lesniak and Shavonda Sumter in the State Senate. The original package cleared the state house last fall. Things are different now, in terms of both political and economic realities. The latter point is expressly argued in the Governor’s statement.


Christie, GOP Leaders Share 9/11 Reflections

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie signed Executive Order No.162 this week, Save Jerseyans, directing that all New Jersey state buildings to fly flags at half-staff on Thursday, September 11, 2014, the 13th anniversary (yeah, it’s been THAT long) of the 9/11 terror attacks that claimed the lives of 746 New Jersey residents. He also declared it a “Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance” throughout the entirety of New Jersey.

He are his remarks on the subject offered yesterday during a school visit in Camden:


Christie Goes National during Birthday Speech with Mitt Romney

Tonight, Save Jersey was on hand at Governor Christie’s 52nd birthday party/NJGOP fundraiser. There were about 1,000 people in attendance for an event that had a very election night-esque feel to it. The giant American flag, an entertaining and charismatic  Governor Christie, and of course, former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney were all there.

Romney singRomney seemed more comfortable on this stage in front of this crowd than he seemed throughout much of the 2012 campaign; especially when he led the crowd in a “happy birthday” sing-a-long for Governor Christie. Many in the crowd left the event chatting about how much better a situation we would be in today if November 2012 had gone a bit differently.

The event was described by introductory speakers as a “huge success” for the NJGOP, who as of late have not been generating the best of headlines when it comes to fundraising.

The talk of the floor was obviously focused on 2016. People were heard wondering aloud whether we were watching a power-presidential pairing, or one of the last times two friends would share the stage before becoming frenemies in the early primaries. To be fair, the speech was very jersey-centric and focused on many of the Governor’s successes over the last 5 years while also reiterating that the job of governor is the only one he wants…for now. The Governor insisted that this was not a dry run Presidential rally, but by now we all know better don’t we?


AT&T Hands Over Egea Records

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


Egea (over Christie’s right shoulder) looks on as Gov. Christie elevated her to serve as his new Deputy COS for Policy in December 2013, only weeks before the Bridgegate story broke.

More Bridgegate “news” on the one year anniversary of the infamous Fort Lee lane closures, Save Jerseyans.

The New Jersey Law Journal is reporting that AT&T “has at least partially complied” with a subpoena from the Assemblyman John Wisniewski’s SCI; the document production consists of  “a 17-page list of telephone numbers emanating from and received by the cellphone issued to Regina Egea, the director of the Authorities Unit in the governor’s office.”

It all comes down to her recollection of having texted Christie about the lane closures.

The Governor denies ever having received such a text.

Egea says she deleted it.


Analyzing Christie’s Mexico Adventure

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie greets children in Mexico

Christie greets children in Mexico

His trade trip down Mexico way appears to have been a success, at least on the points.

But is it good enough? In terms of what he needed to accomplish heading into a presidential cycle? As with many things in Christie World these days, Save Jerseyans, there is no honest conclusion to be states at the moment. We just don’t know. Not yet.

The good: looking presidential by visiting another country, energetically meeting with heads of state, knowledgeably talking up free trade and forcefully (and convincingly) arguing for North American energy independence (and Keystone, by name) are all net positives for most elements of the GOP base. His decision to invoke Putin on foreign soil is a well-calculated attempt to contrast his tough-guy chops with that of the current POTUS (I’ve said before it may be his strongest play).