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  • Eric Scott’s Corvette is as beautiful as it as inconsequential

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog In case you missed it, Save Jerseyans, the media is snarking hard after Chris Christie helped NJ 101.5’s Eric Scott, host of the monthly ‘Ask the Governor’ radio show, land a free corvette. This is the NON-STORY to end all non-stories, folks.  Background: it all started back in February […]

  • Christie signs 8 bills, conditionally vetoes DUI Interlock changes

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog You can click here to check out the Governor’s proposed changes to legislature’s ground-breaking legislation, Save Jerseyans. To summarize: he wants to split the baby by re-instituting shorter versions of the current license suspension requirements that our state legislature tried to roll back. “The Legislature and I strongly agree […]

  • NH GOP Focus Group: “Mixed” on Chris Christie

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Especially considering how the early primary/caucus states are very retail politics-intensive, Save Jerseyans, I’m inclined to think voter focus groups are no less insightful (maybe more so?) than the pre-debate season polls. Watch, and then let me know what you think:

  • Rooney weighs in: Trump vs. Christie? (VIDEO)

    By the Staff | The Save Jersey Blog This week, Save Jerseyans, our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney discussed Donald Trump’s formal entry into Election 2016 (and what it may mean for Governor Chris Christie’s own efforts) on Chasing. Enjoy:  

  • NEW POLL: Christie has a mountain to climb in Colorado

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Gov. Walker is far out in front at 33% in the Centennial State, Save Jerseyans. Chris Christie? At the back of the pack at 3%. That’s what a new Voter Gravity poll of 8,296 Colorado voters discovered. This key Western swing state’s caucuses are an early and critical test in the […]

  • Christie can’t afford to ignore PARCC spying scandal

    By Alyssa Lafage | The Save Jersey Blog There has been steadily growing concern about the impact PARCC testing will have on education in New Jersey, Save Jerseyans. Local groups such as the Concerned Citizens of New Jersey have been working diligently to educate and alert New Jersey parents, teachers and students of the problems […]

  • Eagles’ Murray acquisition elicits jabs at Christie

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie may well recover and pull of an historic GOP primary upset next year, Save Jerseyans, but he also may not want to count on support from Eastern Pennsylvania. That bridge (pardoned the bad pun) is closed. For the time being. Following news that the […]

  • Pro-Christie Super PAC launches

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Polls be damned, Save Jerseyans. Chris Christie is still in it to win it. Or at least one of his allies is acting like it. On Thursday, former Republican Governors Association (RGA) executive director Phil Cox has launched a pro-Christie Super PAC titled “America Leads.”  You can check out the […]

  • Stop saying Exxon is only paying $225 Million. You’re lying.

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog I’ve already chastised the hopelessly and transparently biased NYT for misreporting this story, Save Jerseyans, so I’ll try to avoid repeating myself. The key takeaway points? (1) Leading critics cited a settlement of this approximate size as a GOOD outcome back when Democrats controlled the governor’s mansion; and (2) this […]