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Some (Political) Animals Are More Equal Than Others (in New Jersey)

The Philadephia Inquirer ran an editorial last week arguing FOR Gabriela Mosquera’s admission to the New Jersey State Assembly.

We’re still waiting for the NJ Supreme Court’s final word on the matter.

The Inquirer’s argument? Who cares if her candidacy violated applicable state residency laws!?

Everyone’s doing it…

Although Mosquera, born in Ecuador, has lived in New Jersey since she was a toddler, she moved into the Fourth District only 11 months prior to the election. But so what? The one-year residency rule for Assembly candidates hasn’t been applied in New Jersey since it was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge a decade ago. New Jersey never appealed that decision, and lawmakers and voters never amended the state constitution to clarify the rule. In the interim, the Attorney General’s Office told candidates not to worry about it.”

I’m reminded of my favorite book, Save Jerseyans – George Orwell’s Animal Farm - an allegorical satire of the 1917 Russian Revolution and its subsequent betrayal by Stalinists. At one crucial point in this classic tale, the wiser barnyard animals realize that their revolution’s ideals are in deep trouble when the ruling cabal of pigs revise the farm’s mission statement to read, “All animals are equal, but some animal are more equal than other.

What a delightfully accurate analogy to help us understand a political machine’s unbridled arrogance!

Its members really believe rules don’t apply to them…


And the Winner is…. Alan Rosenthal?

There’s going to be plenty of recriminations on the GOP side of the aisle today, Save Jerseyans. In truth, there were plenty of factors at play yesterday that resulted in a net zero gain at the legislative level.

Here’s a big one. You’ll remember that Rosenthal, a professor at Rutgers, was the tiebreaker appointed to adjudicate between the GOP and DEMs during the redistricting process earlier this year.

He reportedly favored a legislative map specifically designed for stability, i.e, one that favored incumbents. A “stable” map ultimately prevailed after the parties’ reps deadlocked, and that’s the primary reason why we saw even less turnover last night than pundits expected (except for Patrick Murray, hat tip) despite the Governor’s well-over 50% approval rating.

Is a lack of competitiveness really good for democracy? I don’t see how anyone could argue affirmatively. It’s impossible to ensure effective governance when the politicians are unaccountable to electoral forces. But Professor Rosenthal thought so. And he got what he wanted last night (I guess?). That’s why he’s the official winner of Election 2011 in my book. Although that’s little comfort for those of us who would’ve liked to see a more fiscally responsible legislature in January 2012… or sometime before at least January 2022.

*** OPEN THREAD: New Jersey Election 2011 Results ***


Polls are closed!

Results will begin to trickle in now. Politicker has a good list of links to the county clerk websites where you can find rolling vote tallies… will be a little slower but they’ve gone through the trouble to break it down by district for those of you who abhor math…

Thoughts? Comments? Scoops? Predictions? Share in the comments section…

Save Jersey Was Everywhere During Election 2011

Did you vote Republican yet today? If not, then shut you laptop, put down your coffee, and head out to your polling place right now!

However, if you haven’t totally made up your mind yet (which I find hard to believe at this point) you should take some time to watch all of our Election 2011 coverage to educate yourself. Save Jersey went all over the state highlighting the important races, not just from a statistical toss up standpoint, but from a view that looked at where big issues are being tackled in our state. So before you go and vote, get informed right here at your favorite New Jersey news source.

EXCLUSIVE Operation Save the Statehouse Coverage:

Week I – LD1 - Dave DeWeese

Week II – LD6 – Al Richardson, Greg Horton

Week III – LD2 – Vince Polistina

Week IV – LD38 – Rich Goldberg, Fernando Alonso, John Driscoll, Tom Kean Jr. ,

Week IV – LD36 – Don Diorio 

Week V – LD7 – Diane Allen, Jim Keenan, & Chris Halgas

Week VI – Door Knocking with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Save Jersey On the Radio:

October 21 – Brian McGovern (Save Jersey) & Jay Lassiter (Blue Jersey) on NPR’s ‘Radio Times’ [AUDIO]

November 1 – Ed Sheppard on AM1020 WIBG

November 3 – Brian McGovern on AM1210 WPHT

What a cycle it’s been. Any pick ups in the State House, especially in the seats mentioned above, would be a huge win for the Republican Party and the Taxpayer of the State of New Jersey. So get out there and vote!

It’s Election Day, Do You Know Where Your Polling Place Is?

It is finally upon us Save Jerseyans. Election 2011. For months it appeared as though this day would never come, and it is finally here. You’ve seen all the stories, you’ve watched all of Save Jersey’s Operation Save the State House video interviews a million times over, and now you’re ready. Ready to go vote and set New Jersey on the right course toward affordability, prosperity, and all around better government.

But wait. What’s that? You don’t know where your polling place is?

No problem Save Jerseyan, do not fret, we’ve got you covered. On the New Jersey Department of State’s website there is a tool that you can use to find your polling place (or any polling place for a Republican leaning friend) to go and vote.

Click here to find your polling place right now. And then get out there and vote!

New TV Ad in District 1 Highlights Wilson Voter Fraud Scandal

The ad should speak for itself.

If it doesn’t, please educate yourself before watching. South Jersey Democrats are trying to steal dozens of offices this cycle:

Vandals Attack a Middlesex County GOP Headquarters

Every campaign cycle sees its fair share of vandalism, Save Jerseyans.

Last year, our very Brian McGovern saw his car egged and his tires slashed in the final hours of a hyper-competitive local race down here in machine-controlled Camden County (Brian’s candidate ultimately won, btw, but Brian’s paint job not). Vandalism sucks, and it’s wrong, but it happens. Comes with the territory so to speak.

There’s also a silver lining for the victims of such childish acts committed in the heat of a tough campaign. Vandals usually don’t break things because they’re in a celebratory mood. More often than not, it’s a sign of real palable desperation on their part. So if your car gets keyed and your trees are full of toilet paper on election eve, then it’s probably a safe bet that you’re winning the race or at least seriously threatening an entrenched power.

I suspect that Old Bridge Republicans agree with my optimistic analysis; they’re a hearty band of hardworking taxpayer advocates who showed up at their headquarters on Wednesday morning to find torn signs, overturned pots, and even a folding chair “attached” to the front door. As Save Jersey previously reported, the Old Bridge GOP’s only crime this year was violating an unwritten and ancient rule of Middlesex politics: don’t question the entrenched county authorities! If you do, then I guess you can expect your yard sign display to pay the ultimate price.

Some images of the damage (and a little good humor) from the ‘Pallone Not for NJ’ blog:

Christie Family Goes ‘All In’ for LD38 Victory

New Jersey's First Lady isn't afraid to get her hands dirty on the campaign trail.

Pundits on both sides of the aisle are trying to gauge Governor Christie’s “seriousness” as his party battles for legislative gains in super-close LD2 and LD38.

One powerful indication? If there’s one thing the man is serious about in this word it’s his lovely wife, Save Jerseyans, and she’s personally headed to LD38 this week to review the troops (a.k.a. thank volunteers at BCRO HQ in Hackensack).

First Lady Mary Pat Christie’s visit is scheduled for Thursday, November 3rd at 11:00AM. And trust me when I say that the First Lady is no pawn who gets “sent” anywhere. She has a reputation as an independent woman who informs the Governor’s decisions and often intervenes on behalf of candidates and causes that she considers worthy. In short, she wouldn’t be on the ground in Bergen if she didn’t believe it was important.

Plenty of other stuff is happening on the paid media front, too. Governor Christie is live through Election Day with television ads in both LD38 and LD2 as well as two other districts. He also visited Atlantic County again on Tuesday to boost the Polistina-Amodeo-Brown ticket at a salt water taffy factory.

I still think Mary Pat’s participation is as insightful as any ad buy or gubernatorial drop-in.

“We’re Not Done Yet…”

Here’s Governor Christie’s LD38 TV ad in support of John Driscoll, one of four running as part of a large $500,000 buy spread over two media markets.

Watch, and then comment below:

Flashback: For New Jersey’s Unions, It’s a Scalp or Irrelevance on November 8th

Historically low voter turnout on November 8th means virtually anything is possible, Save Jerseyans.

A well-organized “off-year” campaign can be expected, within reason, to overcome significant voter registration and campaign finance disadvantages by mobilizing and turning out their superiorly-enthusiastic base on Election Day. The folks who only vote in presidential years are sitting this one out altogether; so are the congressionally-conscious but locally apathetic. This is a hard “R” and “D” game to the end.

A 1912 Labor Strike in Massachusetts.

In off-year 2011, New Jersey Republicans like their chances up and down the ballot because the GOP is definitely much more enthused than its Democrat counterpart. To make things even more interesting, Big Labor’s heart isn’t in it this go-around after suffering Democrat betrayal on a grand scale over pension reform; without labor muscle for GOTV, Machine Democrats resort to fraud which is more expensive to pull off and very, very risky. And with that backdrop, I wrote about the potentiality and necessity of a full-scale labor revolt back on September 21st if unions want to rescue themselves from irreversible political irrelevancy.

As Election Day is just one week away, and with open signs of Democrat panic over eroding union support increasing, I figured it would be worthwhile to repost my warning to New Jersey’s labor movement…

From September 21, 2011 at Save Jersey:

A few legislative seats may change hands on November 8th, Save Jerseyans, but neither political party risks being labeled irrelevant on November 9th. There just aren’t enough competitive races for such a thing to happen. Thank you, Alan Rosenthal.

But that’s only part of this year’s biggest story. One formerly potent political force faces the very real prospect of permanent, irreversible political irrelevancy as polls close across the Garden State.

I’m referring to New Jersey’s labor unions.

2011 must at least feel like the end of days for Big Labor. The year began with massive demonstrations of labor unrest in Wisconsin before the flames quickly spread to other state capitals around the country. Union agitators were pushing back hard against newly elected conservatives of the 2010 GOP class and their pro-private sector reform initiatives. The rallies riots were designed to temper GOP ambitions and they sure looked impressive from 30,000 feet, much like a once great boxer who can still fill out his trunks and throw serious heat albeit for limited lengths of time. And fatigue did indeed set in as Big Labor transformed to Old Man Labor. His progeny failed to take the Wisconsin legislature despite massive monetary and demographic advantages. It was all downhill from there.

Consider New Jersey, a place where an enterprising young Democrat politico couldn’t earn the right to run for dog catcher or even lick envelopes at party headquarters without union credentials. No more! We now live in a world where the son of a teamster heavyweight, George Norcross III, and a former ironworker himself, Steve Sweeney, lead a Democrat machine whose members conspicuously backed Governor Christie’s pension reforms in June before slamming the NJEA and embracing charter schools in July. It was nothing less than a slap in Old Man Labor’s wrinkled face.

Sure, the unions stomped their feet in response and withheld a few formal convention endorsements. You can even find an example or two of rogue actions like down in LD-1 where Republican David DeWeese won the FMBA/PBA nod last week.

Yet can anyone name one single Democrat elected official at either end of the GSP that has “fallen back into line” since pension reform went down and the threats began? Anyone on the left side of the aisle who is “afraid” of labor’s vengeful rhetoric? I can’t, folks, so I’m not surprised at all when even the ultra liberal Star-Ledger begins to worry out loud whether the phrase “union boss” has really become an oxymoron:

…it’s unclear what, if anything, unions can do to retaliate against Democrats this fall, when all 120 seats in the Legislature are up for election. After spending generations as a feared political force in Trenton, they may be only a paper tiger come election time.

“There’s certainly no incentive for the labor unions to come out in support of the Democratic leadership. The problem they face is, where else are they going to go?” said David Redlawsk, a Rutgers University political science professor.

Well, they can certainly pick a traitor off the line, sharpen their axes and make an example out of him, Professor Redlawsk.

Democrat incumbent Jeff Van Drew would be a logical target. The Senator’s vote for pension reform aroused a near mutiny among Democrats in his district. As I mentioned above, the police and firefighter unions have already walked away from him. I’m willing to bet that their decision in particular keeps Van Drew’s campaign staff up at night, too. His Democrat ticket needs to produce big turnout margins in Cumberland County, and Vineland specifically, to overcome a solid Republican vote total in Cape May County. How can he do it without a powerful GOTV plan fleshed out by union bodies?

The short answer is “he can’t,” and the labor unions would be wise to seize on Van Drew’s sudden vulnerability. They desperately need a Democrat scalp on Election Day 2011 to rescue their relevance, Save Jerseyans. Something to get their client politicians back in the fold taking orders. Otherwise, Old Man Labor might as well hang it up and file for Social Security.

Walmart can always use new greeters.

Christie Stumps in Mississippi For Bryant this Week

Even though he is not running for President, our Governor still has some traveling to do. This Thursday Governor Christie will be leaving the the early-wintered New Jersey for Mississippi. Once there he will be stumping for Phil Bryant.

Bryant is the Republican Gubernatorial candidate who will be replacing Haley Barbour in the Governor’s Mansion. In a state where Republicans do very well, and where he has a spending advantage of more than five to one, the race is basically a lock.

The trip will likely be a good one for the Christie re-election coffers. Every time he travels he seems to bring home a nice check for the NJGOP, which is always a good thing. However, some Republicans are not so pleased.

Then again, when isn’t Rick Shaftan mad at the Governor? But I’ve digressed. While it does seem a bit strange for the Governor to be leaving the state on the Thursday before an election day where the entire New Jersey Legislature is up for re-election, it is not as though he has not been doing anything for us lately. In the last two weeks Christie has been everywhere from Bergen to Cape May raising money for our most competitive races. And to be honest, he does a lot of traveling, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Those poll number just keep on rising…

A Solyndra Ethics Problem for Bob Gordon (D-38)?

Here is yet ANOTHER potentially huge Democrat ethics scandal that the media isn’t discussing, Save Jerseyans.

The Obama Administration’s ongoing entanglement with the solar scam artists at Solyndra is an excellent example of the corruption that inevitably arises from (1) big government’s collaboration with (2) far-left environmental ideologues. Now we may have an example even closer to home, courtesy of soon-to-be-former State Senator Bob Gordon (D-38).

The allegation? In brief, Senator Gordon, is a member of the New Jersey State Senate’s Environment Committee. On December 14, 2009, he voted in favor of S-3118 (click HERE to see a pdf of the legislation), a bill designed to redirect taxpayer funds to municipalities for “renewable energy projects.” As a result of Gordon’s vote, Steve Lonegan believes the North Jersey Senator was personally enriched when public funds subsequently flowed to his own company, “The Goldfinch Group, LLC,” as well as his wife’s employer, Trenton-based lobbying firm “Bradley M. Campbell, LLC,” as a direct result of said legislation.

More details from the AFP-NJ release:

Detailed in the complaint are Senator Gordon’s ties to a solar panel manufacturer, Swan Creek Energy, LLC, which was the recipient of taxpayer-funded grants to install solar panels throughout New Brunswick, NJ, and to “build and operate a solar energy system on the grounds of the West Amwell municipal building.” Swan Creek is the “principal client” of Senator Gordon’s limited liability company, The Goldfinch Group, LLC.

According to records, in 2010 The Goldfinch Group, LLC received “between $25,000 and $49,999” from Swan Creek, while Gordon’s wife “received an infusion of between $25,000 and $99,999 from Swan Creek during the 2009-2010 periods.”

You can read a pdf of AFP-NJ’s official ethics complaint by clicking HERE. The dots aren’t very hard to connect once the facts are laid on the table.

And if all of this is true, Save Jerseyans, then Bob Gordon might have much more to worry about than re-election on November 8th.

The Race for Good Government in Gloucester County

Finally, we have the Glouester County Republican candidates’ first commerical (in years, I think) running in our county.

For those in the dark: this year, for the first time in almost two decades, Republicans have a great opportunity to win control of Gloucester County government. Vince Nestore and I were elected with the help of Save Jersey fiscal conseratives and we need your help again this cycle. There is something very sweet about using our opponents own words to graphically show county voters the difference between the Democrat Machine and Good Goverment Republicans.

If you want to help make sure control flips this year, please go to our website and click on the donate tab. Volunteers are also very welcome!

Enjoy the YouTube video of our commercial… more to come!

Quick Debate Analysis: Van Drew Loses His Cool

Lots of stuff to analyze from last nights 1st District debate, so in-depth analysis will be forthcoming.

But right off the bat, the talk of the debate had to be the moment where Jeff Van Drew lost his cool.

Here is the link to the video from last nights debate. As of when I typed this, there are 3 videos on the page. Around the 40:45 mark of the second video, Jeff Van Drew throws a hissy fit when, after he called DeWeese a liar, Dave DeWeese goes, point by point, through Van Drew’s accusations and shows it is Van Drew who is lying. He spent 30 seconds yelling at DeWeese, and DeWeese had to spend 30 seconds doing nothing but telling Van Drew to calm down and relax.

The Press of Atlantic City has said that Van Drew still has some maturing to do. Boy were they right.