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Tag: maria rodriguez-gregg

RNC Profiles Rodriguez-Gregg

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

In an effort to remind people that the GOP isn’t just a bunch of pissed off old white guys complaining about their taxes, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is seizing upon Hispanic Heritage Month to profile Republican Hispanic lawmakers around the country. One of this week’s honorees was our very own Asw. Maria Rodriquez-Gregg (R-8) of Burlington County: 

There’s more dimensions to our New Jersey Republican coalition than some would lead you to believe, Save Jerseyans, partly because “we” have rarely done a good job of showcasing it. Hopefully that’s starting to change; here’s a run-down of this year’s extremely diverse NJ GOP House candidates in case you missed it…


Rooney Dubbed Rising Star

Gannett Papers Identify Rooney, Webber as “Rising Stars” in New Jersey Politics

By Brian McGovern | The Save Jersey Blog

Rising Star Gannett ArticleIf you read one of New Jersey’s Gannett newspapers on Sunday (The Courier Post, Courier News, Daily Record, Vineland Daily Journal, Ocean County Observer, Asbury Park Press, or Home New Tribune), Save Jerseyans, then you probably saw our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney’s profile.

. According to Gannett:

Some of the names you may already have heard of. If you haven’t yet, political observers from around New Jersey believe there is a good chance you may in the next five to 10 years, if not sooner. We contacted party leaders and elected officials from every corner of the state and asked them to tell us which elected or aspiring public officials, or those behind the scenes, were likely to emerge as the next generation of leaders at the regional and state levels and beyond…”

You can read the version here. Matt made the “top dozen” along with Asm. Jay Webber (R-Morris), Asm. Caroline Casagrande (R-Monmouth) and Assembly hopeful Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (R-Burlington). The report noted that Matt had “become an influential voice in the Republican Party” and “has developed a following around the state.” Other notables can viewed here.

Visiting Save Jersey for the first time? Welcome! To read more of Matt’s posts, click here and check’em out. You can also click here to like his Facebook page and here to follow him on Twitter.