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Newt Schools Bloomberg, Jesse Jackson on 2nd Amendment (VIDEO)

The Left can’t seem to help themselves, Save Jerseyans.

You and I woke up on Friday morning and instinctively said a silent prayer for the victims. They woke up and dusted off their gun control talking points. So you know what? If they want to politicize a tragedy and trash the 2nd Amendment while innocent victims are suffering and dying… so be it. Let’s talk about it!

With everything going on in the news, you may’ve missed reports of a 71-year old Floridian (who could’ve been any of our grandfathers) having staved off disaster this week at an internet cafe. How? By sending two would-be robbers/hostage-takers scrambling through the door with his personal firearm.

Now the Sunshine State’s triumphant story of citizen heroism provides an eerie contrast to yesterday’s events in Aurora, Colorado. Post-Columbine gun restrictions clearly haven’t made a positive difference. And why would they? A determined, intelligent, albeit mentally-disturbed serial killer is going to find weapons if he wants to; likewise, hardened criminals will always find a black market. The only thing gun control accomplishes is to make it harder for sane, law-abiding folks to protect themselves. 

Newt Gingrich’s comments were particularly insightful during a Friday appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. Mayor Mike Bloomberg had shamelessly taken to the radio waves earlier in the day to call for increased gun control. Yes, ’cause it’s a great idea to have a city where (1) only the criminals have guns and (2) no one can get caffeine! Newt, for his part, can be a bit of a blowhard but he certainly knows history; he argued opposite Jesse Jackson on live television who, predictably, wants to take your guns away. Newt rebutted Jackson’s talking points by putting recent events into context through the lens of New York and Chicago’s respective violent crime rates.

Watch, and share:


What is Newt’s Endorsement Worth Now?

Not much, Save Jerseyans.

Everyone is talking about Newt Gingrich’s decision to (finally) suspend his campaign for the GOP nomination, effective May 1st. Which is weird enough, by the way. Usually these decisions are made “effective immediately.” Sounds less like a campaign suspension” and more like a “cease fire” to me!

And perhaps that’s the problem here.

Newt has been running around the country for months — and as recently as this past week in Delaware — doing more than simply presenting himself as best candidate. He’s slammed Romney as a faux conservative and arguing that there’s no different between Romneycare and Obamacare. How a history professor can make a statement like that, when the biggest and clearest answer is “federalism,” absolutely blows my mind, Save Jerseyans!

Worse still, Gingrich has repeatedly said that Romney can’t win because he is a “liberal from Massachusetts.”

He’s entitled to his opinion. But who is going to believe him now when he takes to the podium and endorses Mitt for president next week?

Not me. And more importantly, the disaffected folks who voted for him won’t believe it, nor will independents and other uncommitted Americans who are still weighing their options. That makes Obama’s job easier and Romney’s task significantly more challenging.

THIS is exactly why I chastised Newt and Santorum for their absolutist, self-righteous and at times downright hypocritical rhetoric and behavior throughout this waning primary season, Save Jerseyans. They’ve rendered their respective opinions/endorsements utterly useless in more ways than one. They have no one to blame but themselves, but they’ve hurt the party and the country much more than either camp can fathom.


Why I Am Now Backing Romney

It’s official, folks. I am no longer an undecided GOP primary voter. I am now in the Mitt Romney camp.

I was never considering voting for Ron Paul, Newt Gringrich or Rick Santorum. I was seriously considering either not voting or writing in someone else (whose initials are C.C.). But over the past few weeks, I have made some observations that had led me to support Romney.

And its not a “oh well, guess I have to vote for the  guy after all” defeatist, lesser of three evils kind of support. It’s a “I need Romney to be my nominee,” I want this guy to win NOW kind of support.

So why, you might be wondering, do I now feel this way? Let me share my reasoning and hey, who knows: you might agree, too!


Why Should Newt Drop Out? Part 2

Santorum supporters are piling on poor old Newt and demanding that he drop out of the GOP primary race.

Some are even accusing the former speaker of playing a “spoiler” role.

I’m not sure that’s fair, Save Jerseyans. Like I wrote yesterday, Santorum can’t win the nomination outright with or without Gingrich in the race. It’s simple mathematics; hard to get around! But today we’re looking at a different kind of numbers to buoy my point: polling numbers. Check out this new poll from Fox News. It’s chock full of interesting nuggets; this particular section, however, stood out for obvious reasons:









Without Rick Santorum in the race, Mitt Romney easily dispatches Newt Gingrich. Remove Gingrich instead, and Romney still wins the primary but by a significantly smaller margin (4%).

So it looks like the myth peddled by many Santorum supporters, that “all Gingrich supporters are diehard anti-Romney voters,” may be completely inaccurate, Save Jerseyans. Or at least overly broad. The Fox poll also found Mitt was the back-up “second” choice for approximately one quarter of primary voters. Michigan should’ve been proof enough of this dynamic since it was essentially a one-on-one match-up between Rick and Mitt.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for, Santorum backers. You might just get it and hate it all the same.


Northern Marianas and Guam Cancel Out Kansas?

Quite possibly, Save Jerseyans, and it illustrates why Rick Santorum’s road to the Republican nomination is likely a bridge to nowhere.

Former Senator Santorum picked up at least 15 delegates today in Kansas’s “hybrid” closed primary, meaning some Sunflower State delegates will be awarded by district and statewide, some proportionately, and a few “winner-take-all.” 40 total delegates are stake.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney was triumphant in today’s “non-binding” caucuses in the Northern Marianas and Guam. RCP believes he is likely to end up with at least 12 delegates; a total of 18 are in play.

That means Romney improves to at least 427 delegates; Santorum is now at 182.

Newt Gingrich and Romney appear to be the top contenders for Alabama’s 50 delegates on March 13th. Romney leads in Mississippi, as well as in polls for winner-take-all NJ and Cali; meanwhile, his Super PAC is already buying $1M worth of TV time in Illinois.

Where else can Santorum make a stand?

Especially with Newt refusing to drop having clearly staked his campaign on cutting a swath through the South from South Carolina to delegate-rich Texas where his biggest elected backer, Governor Rick Perry, could make things a little interesting if the GOP primary remains “competitive” (however you choose to define it) through May 29th.


Super Tuesday Open Thread: ROMNEY WINS OH, VA, VT, MA, ID

Live Update

12:25: I don’t care what the networks say, Save Jerseyans, but Mitt Romney won Ohio tonight (the Associated Press agrees). He’s up 12k votes with 96% reporting.

Romney may end tonight with 200+ new delegates from 10 different states. He’s the popular vote winner in 5 of 10 (Alaska is still outstanding owing to the time difference).

The Romney campaign believes Ohio should’ve been called long ago. I agree! Congrats to the former Governor…

12:05: The networks are still reluctant to call it, but Romney is now out in front with a 7k vote Ohio lead.

Santorum is unlikely to close that margin…


11:15 p.m. – There you have it… MITT ROMNEY has won Idaho; he’s up by 5k with 90% reporting in Ohio

Christie Spends Super Tuesday in “Firewall” New Jersey

The Governor was raising money for U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts last night, Save Jerseyans.

No, he wasn’t barnstorming through the Bay State for his 2012 presidential endorsee, Mitt Romney, who is expected to triumph there today by at least a double-digit margin.

The GOP Primary Map Heading Into Super Tuesday

In fact, Chris Christie will be “home” throughout this unusually competitive “Super Tuesday” focusing on state-based issues. He’ll visit the Ocean Township Community Gym around 3:00 p.m. today with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno to rally support for his controversial FY 2013 budget proposal and accompanying 10% across-the-board income tax cut.

But don’t let Governor Christie’s relatively quiet Super Tuesday schedule mislead you, Save Jerseyans. He may still yet play a very important role in the GOP nomination process.

And I’m not talking about a “brokered” convention.

Even if Governor Romney wins EVERY delegate up for grabs today (an impossible feat since none of this year’s Super Tuesday contests are “winner takes all”), he would have amassed only 586 delegates or roughly half of what he ultimately needs to clinch the Republican nomination (1,144 delegates). Thereafter, most of the contests between Super Tuesday and June 5th are not winner takes all.

Santorum, Paul and Gingrich could prolong the fight by poaching just enough delegates in proportional states to deny Mitt a pre-Tampa resolution, so it’s entirely possible that winner takes all New Jersey (50) and delegate-rich hybrid “winner take all” California (172) could jointly serve as Mitt Romney’s do-or-die, 222-delegate firewall if today goes badly.

How reliable is the firewall? As of now, Romney leads in the latest California and New Jersey public polling.

What tomorrow morning will bring is anyone’s guess. Governor Romney is naturally hoping he doesn’t “need” NJ and Cali. We may get a better idea if he will in just a few hours when exit data begins trickling in and polling stations start to close. If he does, Governor Christie will have an exceptionally busy May and June rallying Garden State support for his chosen candidate.


Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: The Myth Surrounding Obama, Romney and the Partisan Money Gap

It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.

“We” being the Republican Party.

I’ve heard the refrain in recent days leading up to the Super Tuesday Ohio showdown from Romney critics; paraphrasing, they’re complaining that “Mitt’s money can help him fool primary voters but it won’t work on Obama in the general because he’s going to have more cash.”

WRONG, Save Jerseyans.

The myth of an unbeatable Obama money machine is exactly that – a myth. President Obama’s campaign had raised $142 million by the end of January 2012 by holding a record number of fundraiser featuring the Commander-in-Chief. Combined, however, his Republican opponents and their super pacs have $242 million. Taking super pacs out of it, the GOP field together with the RNC outraised Obama, Inc. and the DNC in January 2012 by about $2 million.

And all of this doesn’t even take into account outside groups. Karl Rove’s “Crossroads America” plans to raise $240 million to defeat Democrats this fall.

So let me put it in terms Republicans should be able to easily understand: the GOP doesn’t have a “revenue” problem this cycle; we suffer from an acute spending problem. Sound familiar? What ails us is too many candidates spending far too much cash beating each other to a pulp while Mr. Obama sits on an as-of-yet untapped warchest and laughs his presidential butt off.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems:

Newt’s Plan for $2.50 Gas

I love when Newt sticks to hawking big conservative ideas, Save Jerseyans.

Community immigration panels? Eh, not so much.

Opening domestic (and extraterrestrial) energy resources to the private sector? Bravo! Encore!

What follows is a 30-minute web advertisement, titled “$2.50 Per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs — An Address by Newt Gingrich,” which the former speaker’s campaign is running in key media markets during the lead up to Super Tuesday. It’s Newt’s last attempt to inject much-needed energy into his flagging campaign.

Could it also inject much-needed energy into the American economy? Sure! Newt’s video is incredibly informative and he makes great points. He usually does. I do wonder how many primary voters will take the time to listen to a 30-minute video…

Give it a shot over your lunch break:

Would You Pay $100 For This?

I wouldn’t. Then again, Save Jerseyans, I’ve never been the sentimental type.

But if YOU would like to hang this “Dream Team” poster on your bedroom wall, so that Chuck Norris and Fred Thompson can watch over you while you sleep, click here to send the requisite $100 donation to Speaker Gingrich’s quickly fading presidential campaign.

Click below for a larger view:

Romney Wins #CPAC 2012 Straw Poll with 38%; Santorum 2nd with 31%

What do these results tell us, Save Jerseyans?

Unscientific though they may be, the CPAC straw poll is often a measure of voter enthusiasm and campaign organization. Hence, the incredible shrinking New Gingrich doesn’t appear poised for a second political resurrection. At least not in this primary season.


Romney: 38%

Santorum: 31%

Gingrich: 15%

Paul: 12%

Now let the allegations of cheating from the anti-Romney crowd begin!


A Warrior For Sure. But Is He Happy Enough?

The number one complaint that I hear about Rick Santorum, Save Jerseyans?

He’s boring.

And maybe he isn’t the most exciting kid at camp. I suspect he’d readily concede that point. For God’s sake: he wears more sweater vests than Jon Corzine! Truthfully, Corzine didn’t get exciting until he left office and started losing large sums of money.

Money isn’t Rick’s strong suit. A Corzine millionaire he isn’t. Senator Santorum also lacks Mitt Romney’s million dollar smile and Newt Gingrich’s knack for grandiose zingers. That said, his wins last night in Missouri, Minnesota and especially Colorado injected some much-needed excitement into the Republican Primary. There’s something about this unassuming man from Western Pennsylvania that’s kept him alive in the face of long odds while more promising candidates (like well-heeled Perry and Tea Party-backed Bachmann) fell by the wayside.

Yes, he’s a warrior alright. He knows what he believe and isn’t afraid to say it. But can he articulate those bedrock conservative principles in an exciting and appealing way? Can he put a tingle in envelope lickers’ spines and flutters in the hearts of phone bankers? Enough so to overcome not just Mitt Romney’s rolodex but the President’s legions, too?

Look for clues in last night’s victory speech. I did:

OPEN THREAD: Romney Blows Out Gingrich in Florida

It was not a long night in Florida, Save Jerseyans.

Polls closed on the Panhandle at 8pm. He’ll take all 50 delegates assuming these results hold.

What’s your take, Save Jerseyans?

Marco Rubio said the winner of Florida would win it all; Mitt just did it with maybe a majority of the Florida vote. We’ll see when the counting is finished. Indeed, the magnitude of this win reinforces my belief that Governor Romney’s forecast is very sunny moving forward.

Some of the most telling information tonight is not in the election numbers or the delegate count, but the fundraising. Mitt Romney is riding high with $19 million cash on hand and zero debt. Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, has $2 million cash on hand, but about $1 million in debt. Can Newt really manage a long term nationwide campaign into Super Tuesday in March with so little funding? His performance in Florida certainly will not help those figures.

As of right now (8:15PM), 64% of precincts are reporting in an Romney has 47% of the vote. It would be a huge victory for team Romney if he can break the 50% mark by the end of tonight. Mitt has taken some its from Democrats claiming that he can never be anything but a plurality nominee. It seems possible that could change tonight.


It’s Time to Let Reagan Rest in Peace

It’d be a comical habit if it wasn’t also extremely counterproductive.

All contemporary Republican presidential hopefuls campaign with the words “Ronald” and “Reagan” ever-present on their lips.

Every conservative commentator passionately debates who is the most “reaganesque” member of the field.

A strong plurality of primary voters continually bemoan the absence of a “Reagan-like” GOP figure in the race.

Am I the only one who is utterly sick and tired of it? Or at least recognizes what O.R.D. (“Obsessive Reagan Disorder”) is doing to our party and our chances for victory?

It’s time to finally get serious, Save Jerseyans, and take affirmative steps to end the GOP’s unhealthy, all-consuming quest for “the next” Ronald Reagan. The Gipper would want it that way. I’m sure of it.

In order to do so, we need to briefly discuss what he was, what he wasn’t, and finally come to terms with the REAL reason why we seem miss him so damn much…