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  • Newt Schools Bloomberg, Jesse Jackson on 2nd Amendment (VIDEO)

    The Left can’t seem to help themselves, Save Jerseyans. You and I woke up on Friday morning and instinctively said a silent prayer for the victims. They woke up and dusted off their gun control talking points. So you know what? If they want to politicize a tragedy and trash the 2nd Amendment while innocent victims […]

  • What is Newt’s Endorsement Worth Now?

    What is Newt’s Endorsement Worth Now?

    Not much, Save Jerseyans. Everyone is talking about Newt Gingrich’s decision to (finally) suspend his campaign for the GOP nomination, effective May 1st. Which is weird enough, by the way. Usually these decisions are made “effective immediately.” Sounds less like a campaign suspension” and more like a “cease fire” to me! And perhaps that’s the problem here. […]

  • Why I Am Now Backing Romney

    It’s official, folks. I am no longer an undecided GOP primary voter. I am now in the Mitt Romney camp. I was never considering voting for Ron Paul, Newt Gringrich or Rick Santorum. I was seriously considering either not voting or writing in someone else (whose initials are C.C.). But over the past few weeks, I […]

  • Why Should Newt Drop Out? Part 2

    Santorum supporters are piling on poor old Newt and demanding that he drop out of the GOP primary race. Some are even accusing the former speaker of playing a “spoiler” role. I’m not sure that’s fair, Save Jerseyans. Like I wrote yesterday, Santorum can’t win the nomination outright with or without Gingrich in the race. It’s […]

  • Northern Marianas and Guam Cancel Out Kansas?

    Northern Marianas and Guam Cancel Out Kansas?

    Quite possibly, Save Jerseyans, and it illustrates why Rick Santorum’s road to the Republican nomination is likely a bridge to nowhere. Former Senator Santorum picked up at least 15 delegates today in Kansas’s “hybrid” closed primary, meaning some Sunflower State delegates will be awarded by district and statewide, some proportionately, and a few “winner-take-all.” 40 total […]

  • Super Tuesday Open Thread: ROMNEY WINS OH, VA, VT, MA, ID

    Live Update 12:25: I don’t care what the networks say, Save Jerseyans, but Mitt Romney won Ohio tonight (the Associated Press agrees). He’s up 12k votes with 96% reporting. Romney may end tonight with 200+ new delegates from 10 different states. He’s the popular vote winner in 5 of 10 (Alaska is still outstanding owing to […]

  • Christie Spends Super Tuesday in “Firewall” New Jersey

    The Governor was raising money for U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts last night, Save Jerseyans. No, he wasn’t barnstorming through the Bay State for his 2012 presidential endorsee, Mitt Romney, who is expected to triumph there today by at least a double-digit margin. In fact, Chris Christie will be “home” throughout this unusually competitive “Super […]

  • Newt’s Plan for $2.50 Gas

    I love when Newt sticks to hawking big conservative ideas, Save Jerseyans. Community immigration panels? Eh, not so much. Opening domestic (and extraterrestrial) energy resources to the private sector? Bravo! Encore! What follows is a 30-minute web advertisement, titled “$2.50 Per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs — An Address by Newt Gingrich,” which the former speaker’s campaign […]

  • Would You Pay $100 For This?

    I wouldn’t. Then again, Save Jerseyans, I’ve never been the sentimental type. But if YOU would like to hang this “Dream Team” poster on your bedroom wall, so that Chuck Norris and Fred Thompson can watch over you while you sleep, click here to send the requisite $100 donation to Speaker Gingrich’s quickly fading presidential campaign. […]

  • Romney Wins #CPAC 2012 Straw Poll with 38%; Santorum 2nd with 31%

    What do these results tell us, Save Jerseyans? Unscientific though they may be, the CPAC straw poll is often a measure of voter enthusiasm and campaign organization. Hence, the incredible shrinking New Gingrich doesn’t appear poised for a second political resurrection. At least not in this primary season. Totals: Romney: 38% Santorum: 31% Gingrich: 15% Paul: […]

  • A Warrior For Sure. But Is He Happy Enough?

    The number one complaint that I hear about Rick Santorum, Save Jerseyans? He’s boring. And maybe he isn’t the most exciting kid at camp. I suspect he’d readily concede that point. For God’s sake: he wears more sweater vests than Jon Corzine! Truthfully, Corzine didn’t get exciting until he left office and started losing large sums of […]

  • OPEN THREAD: Romney Blows Out Gingrich in Florida

    It was not a long night in Florida, Save Jerseyans. Polls closed on the Panhandle at 8pm. He’ll take all 50 delegates assuming these results hold. What’s your take, Save Jerseyans? Marco Rubio said the winner of Florida would win it all; Mitt just did it with maybe a majority of the Florida vote. We’ll see when the […]