What is Newt’s Endorsement Worth Now?

Newt Gingrich: Wants a Win at Any Cost

Not much, Save Jerseyans. Everyone is talking about Newt Gingrich’s decision to (finally) suspend his campaign for the GOP nomination, effective May 1st. Which is weird enough, by the way. Usually these decisions are made “effective immediately.” Sounds less like a campaign… Continue Reading

Northern Marianas and Guam Cancel Out Kansas?

Quite possibly, Save Jerseyans, and it illustrates why Rick Santorum’s road to the Republican nomination is likely a bridge to nowhere. Former Senator Santorum picked up at least 15 delegates today in Kansas’s “hybrid” closed primary, meaning some Sunflower State delegates… Continue Reading

Super Tuesday Open Thread: ROMNEY WINS OH, VA, VT, MA, ID

supertuesday - idaho and ohio called

Live Update 12:25: I don’t care what the networks say, Save Jerseyans, but Mitt Romney won Ohio tonight (the Associated Press agrees). He’s up 12k votes with 96% reporting. Romney may end tonight with 200+ new delegates from 10 different states.… Continue Reading

Christie Spends Super Tuesday in “Firewall” New Jersey

Chris Christie pointing

The Governor was raising money for U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts last night, Save Jerseyans. No, he wasn’t barnstorming through the Bay State for his 2012 presidential endorsee, Mitt Romney, who is expected to triumph there today by at least… Continue Reading

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: The Myth Surrounding Obama, Romney and the Partisan Money Gap

putting on the ritz

It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see. “We” being the Republican Party. I’ve heard the refrain in recent days leading up to the Super Tuesday Ohio showdown from Romney critics; paraphrasing, they’re complaining that “Mitt’s… Continue Reading

Newt’s Plan for $2.50 Gas


I love when Newt sticks to hawking big conservative ideas, Save Jerseyans. Community immigration panels? Eh, not so much. Opening domestic (and extraterrestrial) energy resources to the private sector? Bravo! Encore! What follows is a 30-minute web advertisement, titled “$2.50 Per Gallon… Continue Reading