Sweeney Shifts to Jerry Brown’s Left

Sweeney TV Ad

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog We know that the New Jersey Democrat Party isn’t a fond of constitutional rights because they’re hard to amend/curtail/squash when political expediency dictates, Save Jerseyans. What we didn’t realize until fairly recently is that they’re… Continue Reading

Sizing-Up Sweeney’s Save Jersey Tweet

Photo Credit: Senator Sweeney's twitter feed

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog We figured it’d be fun to check out Senate President Steve Sweeney’s “Twitter Thursday” this past week, Save Jerseyans, to see if he’d answer one of our questions. #2A supporters hadn’t had much luck but… Continue Reading

Sweeney’s Second Twitter Thursday

Steve Sweeney Ad

By Synnove Bakke | The Save Jersey Blog Attention all Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters: NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney is hosting a town hall series where he’s taking questions every Thursday on twitter. Last Thursday was the first session whereby… Continue Reading

Christie’s Bipartisan Peril

Sweeney and Christie discussing their "compromise" with the media.

Has Christie hitched his wagon to Democrats? Will the bi-partisanship continue? By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com Now that Governor Chris Christie has completed his victory lap with appearances on all four network Sunday morning talk shows, the whole world thinks he’s running for… Continue Reading

Missing Coattails? Or Ground Game?


OPINION: GOP Needs to Look in the Mirror, Not at Governor Christie By Larry Wallace | The Save Jersey Blog In South Jersey, the GOP has no one to blame but ourselves.  Before the election of 2013 was over and… Continue Reading

Meet Niki Trunk

Rooney Interviews Niki Trunk

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It takes a special kind of courage to run for office as a Republican in Southwestern New Jersey, Save Jerseyans. This is machine territory. But to challenge Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3)? Courage isn’t enough.… Continue Reading

LD3 GOP Slate Decided


Trunk, Wallace and Vanderslice Expected to Take on Steve Sweeney in Bid to Turn His District Republican Red By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog We’ve had indepenent confirmation from a very reliable source that the Republican ticket in New Jersey’s 3rd… Continue Reading

Prepare for the Attempted Romnification of Chris Christie

Cory Booker: Ruled by the Blue Twitter Bird and Obama's White House

It won’t be easy, Save Jerseyans. Chris Christie boasts a much more “relatable personality” than Mitt Romney. That’s what the pollsters tell us. But New Jersey Democrats are desperate. They haven’t been able to land a serious political punch in… Continue Reading

Encourage, Not Discourage Volunteers


Last week the State Senate passed bill S-1650 along party lines to redesign New Jerseys’ EMS, sending it to the Assembly for consideration. Taking a hard, honest look at this legislation is important particularly with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on… Continue Reading