Delaware Senate Primary, O'Donnell wins over Castle

GOP Senate Primary (DE): 100% reporting

O’Donnell: 53.1%

Castle: 46.9%

The DE race for the Republican nomination for Senate is particularly interesting. Nationwide it is considered a microcosm for the way that Tea Party candidates affect establishment Republicans this year. However, in this case, the nomination of Christine O’Donnell (who is backed by the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin) is likely to result in the DE Senate seat going to the Democrats, and with that, any hopes of the GOP taking back the US Senate completely evaporates.

Our own Governor Christie threw his weight into this race by endorsing Mike Castle, a relatively moderate Republican who has been in office for a lifetime. This race is an important test of Governor Christie’s clout with Republicans in neighboring states. Christie has certainly received rock star status this year with his blunt sound bites floating all over YouTube and the news media, but tonight’s results will show whether that status can stand up to Sarah Palin.

If I were a DE voter (which I obviously am not) I would be pulling the lever for Mike Castle tonight. I know that he has not been the most consistent conservative, but lets be honest Save Jerseyans, Christine O’Donnell has zero qualifications for this position. She has never held a job of any consequence and has allegedly been living on campaign contributions over the last three elections cycles. She isn’t running for Senate based on some higher calling of Conservative principles, she’s running because she wants a raise and wishes to mitigate her own financial problems. If Mike Castle clears this election with a very thin margin, I believe that all of the best purposes will be served: Castle will realize that he needs to listen to his constituents and vote in their interest or he will not be so lucky next time, and yet another seat in the all important US Senate will be red, with one more vote to stop the Obama agenda from pushing forward. The simple fact is that nominating Mike Castle is better for America than nominating Christine O’Donnell, who would ultimately be a loser in November. Governor Christie made the right choice.

Update (8:48pm): All of that being said, things are not looking good for Mike Castle…

Update (9:13pm): AP and Fox News have officially called the race for O’Donnell.

56 thoughts on “Delaware Senate Primary, O'Donnell wins over Castle

  1. I've been reading this blog for a long time, but I've never felt strong enough about a topic to comment. This is a disgrace. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for conservatism. However, Mike Castle best represents DELAWARE Republicans. O'Donnell, personal issues aside, may be able to win the primary, but she will get trounced in the general. This isn't Alaska or Kentucky, where a Joe Miller/Rand Paul type still has a chance. The Tea Party, and by extension Sarah Palin, has all but ended any Republican chance for a Senate takeover tonight.

    And it's not looking too good for Kelly Ayotte either…

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