John Boehner and his Tan: The Target for 2010.

Democrats in Washington have officially found a target for the remainder of the campaign season. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has been mentioned more times in the news cycle than anyone else on Capitol Hill. And why not? The congressman is supposedly set to come into the next session of Congress  in January as Speaker of the House, finally ousting Nancy Pelosi from the pulpit she has so abused.

According to Politico, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has mentioned Boehner on his Twitter account at least six times in 48 hours, including one tweet referring specifically to Boehner’s tan (which by the way makes Snooki look like a porcelain doll…almost).

He has also been mentioned on the front page of the White House blog five times in the same time frame. All of this after President Obama made Boehner the centerpiece of his stump speech last week. These are stats that this scared Administration is unlikely to appreciate being repeated.

As Boehner is largely unknown nationwide compared to his adversary in the House, the Democrats seek to brand him before he can make a personal connection of his own with voters.  In response to the the White House’s new found interest in the Leader, Boehner’s office responded calling the tactic a distraction.

“Look, the White House is completely AWOL on the biggest issue on the minds of the American people – jobs. The administration’s job-killing agenda has lost the support of the American people and a growing number of congressional Democrats – and the White House is desperate to change the subject,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. “They should concentrate less on attacking Rep. Boehner, and more on working with us in a bipartisan way to cut spending, stop their tax hike, and create jobs.”

Mr. Steel makes a good point Save Jerseyans. For an administration that constantly squawks about the GOP’s “politics of distraction,” they certainly have no problem giving a better example of it than any Republican candidate I’ve ever known. However, this is nothing new and I am not surprised, and you shouldn’t be either. This is the quintessential tactic of the Left: Personalize, and then Demonize. Leftists cannot win an argument (or votes) based on facts, logic, or reason, so instead they seek to personify any movement that does not fall within it’s goals under a single target, and then create hatred for that individual. (see President George W. Bush for examples.)