Save Jersey 2.0 turns one week old!

Today marks the 1 week anniversary of Save Jersey 2.0! We spent a lot of time redesigning the blog, creating an initial team of new bloggers (that continues to grow), and have worked hard to give Save Jerseyans the content that they demand.

So now we want to ask you: How are we doing?

Leave comments below with your take on the new site, your job approval rating of our team, and finally, how you think we can improve as we move forward with the Save Jersey movement. We are nothing without our readers and we want to keep you happy, so be honest and constructive so that we can keep giving you the best conservative blog in New Jersey!

One thought on “Save Jersey 2.0 turns one week old!

  1. I love the new content, but not the new layout. Instead of a website in blog format (as the old layout looked) this layout looks a lot more like a college kid's blog. I realize the functionality of the old blog won't be there until you guys get your bearings, but a wordpress design and the words "cheap hosting" on the bottom of your page makes me think "downgrade" even though the content shows that is not the case.

    In my humble opinion, a more professional looking format (similar to the old one) would help.

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