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  1. Nooo…really? Christie on TV!!! Wow, what a shocker. This Governor would rather see his name in lights than helping New Jerseyans get back to work. What the hell is doing to help the unemployed? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Maybe if he took the same amount of time he spends on TV and devotes himself to helping the unemployed, he might get the economy going. But, he's too infatuated with himself on the tube to even care about those without a job.

    He's a disgrace.

  2. Bringing the attention of the nation to the Governor's plans to resurrect the economy of NJ and make it a more business friendly environment WILL help the unemployed, Rick.

    Christie is doing a good job letting businesses know that NJ is going to be a far better place than it was when McGreevy and Corzine scared them off. He's letting them know that its time to come home and put our people back to work.

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